gallbladder cancer can anyone help

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Hi my partner was diagnosed with gallbladder cancer in September 2019. It came out of nowhere he had no pain no symptoms at all just slight stomach ache after a few sips of beer.

He stopped drinking as he thought he may have over done it on the alcohol a bit....he then began to loose weight and I noticed his skin was pale yellow in colour. He went for routine blood tests and WAM  that's when we realised something serious was wrong. The jaundice got really bad and he went for scans ultra sound, ct and MRI. It revealed gallbladder cancer that had spread to his liver we were told it was a very rare cancer and was inoperable plus incurable. He had bile duct stents inserted which sorted out the jaundice and has since started chemo.

On boxing day his temperature went sky high and he had really bad rigours which was horrible to see and not be able to do any thing. Has any one else experienced this ? His was due to a bacteria infection.....we thought.

After another ct scan and hospital stay for a week. We that were told his gallbladder was fistulating with his stomach allowing stomach acid travelling to gallbladder and vice versa. Has any one else experienced this?

Since this he has been experiencing lower left abdominal pain which is very painful and we have no idea why. Does anyone else have any experience of this?

Also has anyone had dental problems while having chemo treatment? 

I hope what I have written is ok as I have no experience in this and I would grateful for any thoughts and experience any one has to share with me. 

Also it gives me reassurance  too

Snowdon2 x