Easily Digested Foods

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Hello All,

             My Mum has been told today after a biopsy she has adenocarcinoma of the gall bladder that has spread to the liver from what they can presume from a CT scan in anycase.

My question is to anyone living with this or had family who suffered this with regard to foods that can be eaten and ones that are to be avoided, someday mum seems ok and other days mostly in the night she is full of wind at both ends and painful cramps, would it make sense she would have a hard time digesting green vegetables? 

She had a bad night after a small meal of skinless steamed salmon, new potatoes and broccoli, but then was fine the day after with egg on toast so it didn't seem to be just as simple as just fats as you may expect with gall bladder problems.

She is now in the wait of referral from hospital to the Christie for any possible chemo/trials but she really needs to build weight up if possible but is naturally worried about things she can and cant eat, we have just been given some Fortisip drinks today so hopefully she will take the 2 a day and they at least will digest ok along with some foods she can manage.

Any help much appreciated x