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What an awful situation we are in!! My mum went into hospital 5 weeks ago with kidney infections and has now been diagnosed with gall bladder cancer which has spread to her stomach and her lymph glands. We were only told yesterday that they are not offering her any treatment because her kidney function is bad and they have mentioned palliative care. They want to send her home and are arranging a bed for us to have downstairs. 

Yesterday, I honestly thought she was going to die, although she seems a bit better today. Nobody has said how long she has and I am scared to ask.

Does anyone have any experience of this cancer without treatment?

  • Hi and a warm welcome to the online community

    It must have been devastating for you and your mum to discover that she had gall bladder cancer after originally going into hospital with a kidney infection.

    It's natural to want to know how long your mum has left but that can be very difficult to gauge even for the professionals. 

    I'm sorry that nobody has been able to share their experience with gall bladder cancer that can't be treated but I noticed that your post had gone unanswered.

    You could post your question in ask a nurse and one of the specialist cancer nurses will aim to respond within 2 working days. Alternatively give the Macmillan Support Line a call on 0808 808 0000 and speak to one of the cancer nurses. It's free to call and available every day from 8am to 8pm.

    Sending a supportive ((hug))

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    Hi, how are you and your mum? My mums primary was gbc, but different circumstances so I didn’t know whether to respond but I wanted to ask how you both are x