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Hello all 

I was diagnosed in Dec 2023 with Follicular Lymphoma stage 4. I’ve had 4 treatments of Rituximab, last one was 1st Feb.Results of my post treatment PET CT indicate I am in remission, I do still have a reduced size swelling under my jaw which causes discomfort when I swallow. I did mention this to my Dr and she didn’t seem overly concerned. I am concerned and wondered if anyone on this forum has had anything similar with their diagnosis or condition. I don’t want to appear paranoid but to me I’m not sure if it’s ok to have discomfort from a swelling and not be  worried.  I was diagnosed with swellings in my groin, armpit under my jaw, lessons on my ribs and pelvis  the only swelling that I can now feel post treatment is the one under my jaw, left side which is uncomfortable when I swallow  I wonder if anyone on the site has ever been offered for example radiotherapy on one swelling post Rituximab or similar treatment to address one such swelling 

thanks in advance 


  • Hi again  and we’ll done getting through your treatment.

    I have a different type of NHL but I had a brick sized growth and in my neck…… I am now 10 years past that treatment…… but I am left with scar tissue and a lump where my mass was and permanent muscle and nerve damage……. But I have not required any further treatment in that area…… I still have pain the area from time to time due to the nerve damage but the more active I am the less the pain is.

    I did have to go on and have 2 Allo (donor) SCTs as my remission was not going to last but I am now 8.5 years out from my second SCT and getting on with life.

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  • i have swelling in my groin area it causes a bit of discomfort but I am used to it now.

    I was worried and I have some pain killers but I haven't taken any for a while.