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Hello I'm new here I was recently diagnosed with Lymphoma and was wondering if it can cause red skin eruptions which spread all over the body my doctor says it might be psoriasis but I'm not convinced also can it cause hearing loss I'm just being fobbed off with everything I think it's easy just to put it down to lymphoma.Thanks in advance John 

  • Hi John  and a warm welcome to this corner of the Community although I am always sorry to see folks joining us. I am Mike and I help out around our various Lymphoma groups. 

    I don’t have Follicular Lymphoma but I was diagnosed way back in 1999 at 43 with a rare, incurable but treatable ‘other’ type of Low-grade non-Hodgkin lymphoma eventually reaching Stage 4a in late 2013 so although my Lymphoma ‘type’ is different I do appreciate the challenges of this journey rather well.

    The simple answer to your skin question is that skin problems can be a Common symptoms of lymphoma……. and seen as a B symptom….. I was stage 4A as I had none of the classic symptoms…….. but having Lymphoma can also set off new skin conditions like Psoriasis as the bodies immune system is so busy fighting/controlling the Lymphoma that other ‘stuff’ can just kick off.

    Are you on any treatment or medication?….. if you are some drugs can also cause bad skin reactions and it’s the same with hearing problems like tinnitus….. in extreme cases (like me) hearing can be permanently damaged - but what cost life.

    Some people on Active Monitoring (Watch and Wait)  can report hearing issues as growth areas can press on nerves and have an effect on their hearing.

    Living with Lymphoma is not straightforward and can go down so many rabbit trails.

    Mike (Thehighlander)

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