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So todayi started good , slept better last night and , did some house work and washing , shopping , the norm. Then about 3 this afternoon,  anxiety set in again , mind going into over drive thinking and getting upset about will I have to have treatment sooner than later, which I'm hoping later , just over drive thinking and why me. Is this normal any one . Just want to feel normal and get on with thing.

  • Hi again  and first well done getting through the day until you let the space between your ears take control....... in the early days this can be normal but it's all about learning to taking control of these times and focusing on the positives....... and first I refer you back to what your daughter said to you in THIS POST

    The main tool is positive planning and looking forward to good times...... yes life still goes on.

    I have notebooks going back over the 23 years I have been on my journey. The front pages were where we noted down all the information we were given, questions we asked and the answers we received.  my consultant and team contact information.

    The notebook was also our 'go to' when the brain was in overdrive.... especially at silly o'clock when we were awake.... we would do a brain dump into the notebook and actually looking at the notes the following day when the head was in a better place helped to rationalise the thoughts and better navigate the journey.

    .... but the most important part of the notebook was the back pages, this was where we we put all our hopes and dreams and I am glad to say that many of the have been ticked off...... and a good number still to be achieved.

    This was one of the ways we found that we were able to sort out the brain and live life as normal as we could.

    As for the "why me..." from my point of view........ I am content to having an incurable Lymphoma and my family keep clear of cancer.

    You need to 'talk' so do follow up the link I gave you in THIS LINK as talking helps a lot.

    Mike (Thehighlander)

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  • Thanks Mike,  for all ur advice,  its really helping me . I always go back and read through what you have said. I have noticed I am needing alot of reassurance at the moment to help me cope.