Numbness in finger tip

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Anyone  know how to deal with finger numbness and fatigue in body after having second infusion of O-CVP.

Second week started since my second infusion completed.

I feel tired and numbness in finger, but is able to perform all activity with my finger as usual so no impact on finger activity 

Any expert advice will be very helpful.

  • Hi again 

    Unfortunately Peripheral Neuropathy is one of the side effects that come along. Do talk this through with your team as there are things that they can do including possibly reducing one of the drugs in your treatment that can be responsible for developing this.

    I had it bad in my hands but as my treatment was bing used to get me ready for Stem Cell Transplant so I had to have the full effects of the treatment. My Specialist Cancer Nurse did advise me to get a few stress balls, I found a couple of small hand sized rugby balls and I regularly worked my and hands and fingers. This helped get the blood moving through my hands and in turn exercised my nerves and muscles. This helped but did not remover it...... it tends to clear up quickly after treatment are completed.

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  • Thank you Mike, I will discuss with my nurse 

  • I got the same pretty well straight away with RCHOP treatment. They did offer to lower the dose of one of the drugs but I refused as I wanted the full treatment to be able to do its thing. It did get a bit worse but not hugely so but has never gone away. It's actually worse in my feet than in my hands. I play piano and other instruments so maybe the finger exercise has helped, I don't know. Mine is numbness but some get pain which can be treated with various pain killers.

  • Thank you for information 

    I spoke with nurse today they said they will reduce the dose one of the medicine let’s see