My story so far ..

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Hi everyone , I'm pleased to join this group .. 

So my story so far is , on Saturday evening 6th of February this year I found a very uncomfortable lump in my right chest wall .. it was out of the blue and the size of a small orange . I rang my GP on the Monday first thing , due to restrictions I got a call back which lead to a video call back , to take a visual .. he then decided he needed to actually feel it so asked me to go straight in . After assessing it he told me he wanted a referral to get a scan , and said he hoped it was a lipoma , and here's me thinking "I hoped it was an abscess and anti-biotics will do" haha.  The following Tuesday I had a scan , they had concerns and rang through for an urgent MRI . On the Friday I had an MRI , I was called back that afternoon to go back to the sarcoma clinic on the Tuesday and asked if they could book me for a biopsy . I had the biopsy the following Thursday . a couple of weeks passed while my biopsy was assessed at the lab . On 23rd March I was told I had De-Differentiated Liposarcoma and I was being booked for surgery . The tumour was removed on the 7th April [ still recovering} , by this time it was 14cm at the time of first scan it was 9cm ... Tomorrow I start radiotherapy .

I am not only amazed at the speed this cancer grew but also the efficiency of the whole process the sarcoma team have got me to this point . I am still a bit in shock but totally grateful for the care I am receiving , and ready for my next step .

I would like to wish all patients and carers family members and supporters well and strength . 

My husband has found it all a lot harder to accept than I have , and that has been the hardest part of this journey for me xx