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I just had a video call with my haematologist. I have been on w and w for two years. Following a ct scan for something else a deep inguinal node 2.3 cm has been noted. My haematologist wants me to have a pet scan. I asked her what first line treatment would be if it is needed. She said immunotherapy plus an oral chemo. Stupidly I didn’t think to ask which one. Can any one suggest what this chemo might be? Also is it possibly a milder chemo as I am 66 and although very fit only have one kidney.

  • Why not call your SNC and get the details, I am sure that they will have taken all your other conditions into account but again phone and set your mind at rest.

    I had a different type of NHL but I was on a cancer drug that was a retinoid X receptor, I had a few side effects including high cholesterol and reduced Thyroid function but ask your nurse.

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