Duodenal adenocarcinoma


I was diagnosed with a duodenal tumour in late summer, I was booked for a Whipples but the PET scan showed spread to regional lymph nodes so my surgery was cancelled and I was referred to the oncologists. There were a few delays, due to the pandemic I think, but I started Chemotherapy at the beginning of December and am now midway through my second cycle. Is there any one else in a similar situation? 


  • Hi 

    My brother is the same. He cannot have surgery either. He is just on his 3rd session of chemo. He has a CT scan booked after this course.

  • Hi Lara12,

    Thank you for replying.

    I was supposed to be having a CT scan at that point too, but my original CT was  so long ago that they decided they needed a new baseline which was done after my 1st cycle, so now I'm having 4 cycles altogether before another CT. I hope that your brothers CT shows some improvement. 


  • He has his CT tomorrow 

  • I hope he has positive news from his CT, best wishes to you and your brother 


  • Sorry if this is a bit off topic in this group. My husband has inoperable duodenal tumour and it is becoming hard to find things that he wants to eat. Having been a lifetime carnivore he cannot now eat any meat and is protein deficient. Recipes anyone? 

  • Sorry to hear about your husbands problems, my appetite is reduced but still eating a normal range of food.

    To get a good mix of protein in a veggie diet i believe you should eat grains and pulses or beans together, so beans on toast is a good mix, but i would ask for advice from a hospital dietitian if you can.

    I hope that you can get proper support with this. 


  • Hi all

    My bother had his CT results today after 3 chemotherapy sessions with 3 more sessions to go of his 18 week cycle. The CT was the same as prior chemo. So it has not shrunk  but more important it has not grown. My brother is happy with the news . When diagnosed he thought he may not make Xmas. There was talk of next treatment and break so he is still very positive. Thank you for you good wishes  

  • Thanks for letting us know. I am glad your brother is still feeling positive. 


  • My CT scan results are back today and they show a reduction in the size of my tumour, the lymph nodes have also improved, so that is positive news. 

    I'm having to delay my next round of chemotherapy because my platelets are low, but I'm looking forward to an extra week off chemotherapy!

    My oncologist doesn't believe the improvement is enough to make surgery an option, but it is the first time I've had any positive news on this journey.

    I hope your brother is doing well.

    Best wishes