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Hi everyone,  I am due to start R CHOP next week and been told to expect to have my hair fall out. I’m wondering if people have just shaved their head or went through the hair falling out.  What is best emotionally and practically please.  Thank you. 

  • My dads hair hasn’t fallen out just gone a bit thinner xx

  • Hi Debbie

    My hair started to fall out 2 weeks after my first R-Chop treatment. I had long very thick hair and I have to admit it was distressing when it started to come out. In hindsight, I would have definitely had it cut short or buzzed it off with clippers. I think taking control of the situation is mentally better. Just my thought though.

    I don’t know whether you’ll be wanting to wear wigs, but if you do, Amazon and SHEIN have some amazing ones that are really cheap and actually do look great. I was all for buying one for £1000 then ordered a few cheap ones and I’ve stuck with them. 

    Good luck, Sarah x

  • Hi Debbie

    You will find that our bodies all react differently. For some their hair is like snow on a warm day..... but others it's not.

    I had a slightly different drug mix (R-EPOCH) and I woke up 10 days into my first treatment with my mouth full of hair and the pillow covered...... I went straight into the shower and shaved it all off..... 

    I had a thick head of silver hair so although not long it was a challenge initially...... but it was one thing less to stress about when there was a lot more challenging hurdles to navigate during the journey ((hugs))

    Mike - Thehighlander

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  • Hi Sarah,

    I had my first round of R-CHOP 2 weeks ago and my hair has begun to fall out, like you I have long thick hair so some loss won’t be noticeable, I’m finding the hair loss quite hard to deal with, can I ask, how long after yours started falling out did you shave it off?  I’m frightened to wash it in case it comes out literally in handfuls, I think I’m just clinging onto it for as long as possible, maybe in a bit of denial too.

    Thanks Marion x

  • I had my long, thick hair cut short before I started R CHOP.  My hair started falling out the day I had my second infusions.

    I didn't bother with wigs, even though my hospital had a wig library.  I bought a lot of turbans to get me through and to stop my head getting cold.

    I didn't shave my head until the day I totally finished chemo.

    It's a really personal choice.

    For me, losing my eyebrows was more difficult than losing my hair.

  • Hi Marion , I see it’s your first post so a warm welcome to this supportive group. 

    Hair lose is one of the many Side Effects of Treatments but unfortunately it’s the one that so visible and personal.

    Everyone reacts differently, some folks do find the hair lose very hard to deal yet others accept it as a necessary evil that has to be embraced in the journey to get this uninvited cancer squatter evicted from our bodies. 

    The most important thing to remember is that this like many of the side effects, is temporary and once treatment finishes things can get back to some form of normality.

    I have a different incurable type of NHL that actually required me to have a few different treatment so I actually lost my hair three times over a 2 year period.

    I found it one thing less to ‘worry’ about, not that I was every stressed but my treatments but the treatment did have me in hospital for over 90 days over my 2 years so it made part of this just easier to deal with when it came to showers etc.


    Mike - Thehighlander

    It always seems impossible until its done - Nelson Mandela

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  • Hi Marion

    So sorry to read this, I can absolutely relate, I was exactly the same. I can honestly say, as soon the hair is all gone you’ll feel so much better! I know that sounds crazy, but I wish in hindsight I’d just buzzed it all off when it started coming out in clumps, but I held on to it (literally), I was putting it up in a clip it was big matted mess, I wouldn’t wash it, brushing it made me feel sick, it was very distressing. I eventually thought enough….I got the scissors and basically gave myself a very short bob! I started wearing a wig after my home haircut! Once I’d got used to it being short, I eventually got the clippers on it. However I never went totally bald, I did have some strands left! 

    I know on the grand scale of things…it’s just hair! Similar to you though, I had very dark, thick long hair which I had a love/hate relationship with…but it was my identity.

    I can’t tell you what you should do, but having been through it I think next time (I hope there never will be!) I would cut it all off straight away.

    Take care and if I can offer any support, just reach out.

    Sarah x (ps….sorry for the long waffling message)

  • Thank you Mike, 

    I think because I have so much hair and have it down 99% of the time it's a big part of me, I have said right from knowing that I would lose it that I accept it is just temporary and will grow back but still struggling somehow especially when myself and my children (20 and 16) have been so positive about everything and not allowing cancer to get us down.  You're right about having one less thing to worry about, I'm saving a fortune at the hairdressers and not to mention the time I spend drying and straightening it, so yes, I will take the positives from it!


  • Just following on…..there are some positives….it is quite liberating too! Once I’d got over the initial trauma of losing my hair, the time you save not having to wash, dry and straighten your hair is great!! It is literally wash and go! So much quicker sticking the wig on!! Good luck xx

  • Thank you Sarah!!!

    I sat reading your reply with my hair in a bun with a million hair grips keeping it all tied back, crying my eyes out as you were exactly where I was this morning!  I rung my hairdressers and they fitted me in at 12 (I do their accounts so slight advantage!) I’ve had it cut into a short Bob and I absolutely love it, I feel so much better for it   Your reply spurred me on to get it cut short so when I does all come off it won’t seem so bad.  This was my first day being on this forum and honestly you’ve helped me more than I can say xx