Hair Prep

Hi everyone,  I am due to start R CHOP next week and been told to expect to have my hair fall out. I’m wondering if people have just shaved their head or went through the hair falling out.  What is best emotionally and practically please.  Thank you. 

  • Hi Marion

    I’m so pleased that you’re feeling better. I think I can honestly say I know exactly how you’ve been feeling! 

    You’ll get through all the dark days, if I can, anyone can.

    If I can be of any support to you, from someone who’s been through the journey, just reach out.

    Sarah x

  • Hi Marion it’s hard but just remember nothing is permanent and it will grow back. I did not shave my hair it just all fell out but from R Chop 4 it has started to grow back. I found this the most difficult but if it saves us and kills the cancer it’s a price worth paying - be bold and stand proud. Your hair does not define you. You are still you xx 

  • Thank you so much Sarah,

    I think I was a bit taken back by how much it affected me, it really helps talking to people who have been there, done that and worn the T Shirt.

    Marion x

  • As a male I didn't think hair loss would be a big deal. However loosing my beard I really didn't like. When it started getting into my coffee it had to go. As an aside not having eyebrows was a pain when the weather was hot. 

    It's part of the treatment for most but it is far from trivial. Like all the other stuff that has to be dealt with people find a way to deal with it.