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Hello :) 

I’ve been advised to join here by another member. 

After having my daughter 3 years ago I started having a lot of issues with periods, they were heavy, very painful, long, blood clothes, shooting pain in the lower stomach and lower back as well as just feeling awful and exhausted all the time. 

I went for my smear test which came back with abnormalities and HPV positive , due to long wait I ended up going privately for treatment (I am unsure what it was but the lady I think put cream on my cervix wall) and that was it, but the symptoms didn’t stop and got worsen and I ended up going privately to get some answers (if it’s endometriosis) I am currently waiting on an MRI results and in the meantime in January I had another smear test, and the other day received two letters 

- one stating that I have high risk HPV and changes to the wall of cervix, and another one for an appointment with gynaecologist in a week (which is sooo fast for NHS, so that automatically showed red flags) so now I’m naturally thinking the worst. 

I just wanted to hear your advice and hopefully comments that there are many other things that can cause them act so fast,

thanks x 

  • Hi  and welcome to our group.

    I’m not sure what treatment you might have had privately that involved putting “a cream on your cervix wall” so it’s hard to guess what might have been done. It’s not any kind of treatment I’ve heard of in the nhs, where abnormal cells are either monitored or removed by a treatment called a lletz which doesn’t involve any kind of cream. Did you have treatment done privately in the UK?

    Was the treatment done for cervical cell abnormalities do you know? It seems you had no follow up for this treatment, is that correct? 

    It’s standard in the nhs to have some sort of follow up when high risk hpv is identified along with cervical cell changes, which seems to be the case from the letter you received in January so yes, I would expect you would be seeing a gynaecologist. The fact that you have an appointment quickly will mean you can be seen quicker but you can’t actually read anything into this at this point.

    Was your mri done on an nhs referral? You will need to be given the results from this, so it may be that you will receive your results from this at your gynaecology appointment but it’s hard to tell. 

    Endemetriosis is a different condition, so again it’s hard to know if this may have been identified from any tests. I don’t think is possible from what you’ve told us for anyone in the group to say what might be going on with you-you only have a week to wait for a gynaecology appointment where you should be examined and more will be explained. It can be difficult going between private and nhs care and treatment, but I am presuming you are now being dealt with by the nhs? 

    I hope you’ll come back and let us know how your appointment goes, and hopefully we can give you some help and support if you need any further information.

    Sarah xx

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