Red flagged

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Hi, I'm new here just looking advice as I'm freaking out. 

Yesterday I went for my smear but the nurse seen something on my cervix and got the doctor for a second opinion. The have red flagged me for a referral. I have medical insurance through work so I'm going on Wednesday. 

I feel guilty I missed 6 years of smears and I have had pre cancerous cells taking away before. In my heart I feel it's cancer and I'm so scared. Is this natural. Thank you 

  • Hi cassie

    im new here too and in a pretty similar boat. I’m freaking out too! I don’t have any advice all I wanted to pop by and do is send you a massive hug and tell you you’re not alone! 
    I hope everything turns out to be ok, don’t feel guilty we all let life get in the way sometimes xxx