Waiting for my biopsy results

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Hi, I am 38 and have two children 17 and15,

My story so far, I had my smear on the 22nd January, on the 9th feb came back as abnormal, got referred on the 14th had my appointment they found a marble sized lump on my vagina wall and done a LLETZ there and then! They took 5 biopsies (witch I thought was a lot) 

this week has been so hard and my head has gone to some very dark thoughts! I have had 5 people (family and best friend) die of cancer in the last 3 1/2 years. I haven’t been to work this week DR signed me off and said to keep myself busy with the things that I love!! Finding that hard all I’ve been doing is cleaning. I haven’t told anyone only my partner as I don’t want them to worry if there’s nothing to worry about. 

I don’t really have a question just wanted to chat

  • Hi again  and welcome to our group.

    I can understand how worrying it is waiting for results but it’s good that things have been moving quickly for you since you had your smear. It might seem a lot to have 5 biopsies, but they are typically very small tissue samples, and the doctor will want to make sure there is enough tissue and from the right areas to get a definitive diagnosis. I hope you’re feeling physically ok since you’ve had them done and don’t have too long to wait to get the results.

    I’m sorry you’ve had so many loved ones die with cancer-it’s not surprising this makes you especially anxious about your own situation, and it can be difficult to deal with negative thoughts while you’re in this horrible period of waiting for a diagnosis. Keeping busy to distract yourself is actually a good tactic and keeps you from overthinking and dwelling on things. 

    Please stick with us and use the group to share your concerns or worries. I hope your diagnosis is not as serious as cancer, but if it is then we can help to support you based on our own experiences. It can sometimes be easier to share worries in a group like this with other ladies who can understand what this is like rather than worrying your family. I think too that it’s a good idea to wait to see what’s happening before you tell others in your family, as they may have questions you can’t answer just yet and will be concerned. 

    You are very welcome to be with us, and please let us know how you get on.

    Sarah xx

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  • Hi,  I am exactly where you are waiting for my biopsy results.  It is very hard to keep busy and take your mind off everything.  You sit there waiting for the phone call. I was supposed to be 1 week post op from my hysterectomy but had to be postponed due to the smear results.  I had biopsies on my cervix, they found Squamous very severe dyskaryosis with possible invasion CIN3 and small cells clustered possible neuroendocrine origins in my smear.   I have had bleeding extreme for boast 4 years and my docs in NZ said it was leading up to perimenopause. So many other symptoms.  I have had my nana die of cancer and my stepfather is currently battling it so I know how anxious you are feeling.  I am finding it great to have forums and groups to talk to that know what we are going through.  I hope your results come back soon.  It’s my birthday tomorrow and going through this is really making it seem like the worst birthday ever.  

  • Thank you for commenting

    , I know waiting is horrible, I’m a over thinker and a planner some say control freak, I say organised!! I keep reading different things some say a few days some say a week some even said 4-6 weeks for results. it’s been 8 days so far but feels like so much more, 

    sorry to hear about your step dad, it’s so hard when love ones are ill. 

    poor you I hope you have a good birthday, let everyone look after you and treat you. 

    Hope you get your results soon, how long have you been waiting? 

  • Yeah, I am an overthinker to, and google just isn’t great.  Thanks yeah I am hoping it will be nice.  8 days with weekends 6 days without. I have been told that sometimes they may need to do extra tests on the samples that why it takes longer.  Hopefully we both get our results soon.  Where about are you located? If that’s allowed 

  • Gosh we are exactly the same! 
    yeah I read that too and they took 5  Biopsies so i guess a lot to test. 

    im in the uk

    fingers crossed for you and a big hug

  • I am also in the UK. 
    took 9 from me so yeah lots to test. 
    it really sux as I have been going through all this since November last year, tests, MRI’s biopsies.  Blood transfusion due to low Haemoglobin levels and found cyst on my ovary and precancerous cells in my womb, and CA125 levels of 184. so I was booked for a hysterectomy on 14th February but my smear came back very severe as I said in previous message and my hysterectomy was postponed till further notice,  it has been a rollercoaster of the past 3 months. 
    yeah it sounds like we are the same.  
    hugs to you and fingers crossed too 

  • Got the phone call,  today on my birthday and need to go in with someone appointment today at 12. 
    Not feeling very good right now. 
    will keep you updated 

  • Oh I am so sorry to hear this and on your birthday, please do keep me updated everything is crossed for you

  • Hi @Megs123

    Definitely not what you would have wanted on your birthday but at least you’ll know today. By the way, yes-it’s fine to say where you’re located. 

    Sarah xx

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  • Just got diagnosed with cervical cancer. 
    just feel numb