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Hi everyone, i am 48 in a week and have had 4 kids, have had a rollercoaster of a past few months. Pre cancerous cells in my womb and a large cyst on ovary. Extensive bleeding with clots for years.
Was booked for hysterectomy today but got my results back of smear and now that has been postponed till further notice, have found very serious more than severe High grade dsykaryosis CIN3 and High Hpv positive.  Consultant wanted to make that very clear it was very very severe so very concerning.
Colposcopy done today and biopsy. What she saw during colposcopy she was not happy with, she said it didn’t look good.  Very concerning for her. Waiting to find out what is happening and whether it has moved to cancer, or just still borderline and needs to be removed asap before it does.  Consultant also discussed procedure through cancer route and was very honest and open with me.  Past few months have just been traumatic for me.  Just need to talk to people going through the same sort of thing.  Give me advice.  

My surgery will go ahead sooner or later but will change to a radical hysterectomy as needed to remove all the nasty stuff if turns out to be be borderline.  

  • Hi  and welcome to our group.

    You’ve certainly been going through an awful lot these last few months, and it must be very tough to deal with having so much going on. 

    I don’t have experience of precancerous cells in the womb or ovarian cysts, but have dealt with cervical cancer twice, and had my womb and ovaries removed, along with having a radical hysterectomy among other things-though all done at the same time in one surgery.

    High risk HPV is the cause of potentially different issues which is why it is now screened for as the first point in a cervical screening, and CIN3 (severe dyskariosis) is the highest grade of precancerous cells which I’m sure you will already know. I see you had a biopsy taken during the colposcopy so the results of that will confirm either way whether it is precancerous cells or if there is cancer there. 

    The radical hysterectomy would be usual if there’s cancer found, but I’m assuming it would maybe not need to be radical if it’s CIN3? It is a big surgery to go through, so I can appreciate your worries. 

    Many ladies in the group have gone through this whole process, so I hope others will come along and add their experiences. Please feel free to ask any questions and share any worries and we will do our best to help and support you through this. It’s a very difficult time being in the waiting period for biopsy results and then contemplating surgery but I have found at every stage of my own dealings with this that things were easier when I knew what was happening and had a firm plan. I always tried to focus on the end result, which in my case each time was getting rid of the cancer.

    Sarah xx

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