Just diagnosed with both cervical and vaginal cancer.

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Hi all!

I am 37. I am Married with 3 children aged 15, 14 and 11.

A week ago today I was diagnosed with cervical and vaginal cancer after a colposcopy 5 weeks ago. I am waiting on scans to see what stage I am at, these (MRI/CT) are scheduled for the 12th Feb. My Dr will meet the MDT on the 16th and will stage and give me my treatment plan on the 21st. It's all happening.

Has anyone been diagnosed with both? 

  • Hi  and welcome to our group-I spoke with you in the vaginal cancer group.

    I can’t recall anyone in the group being diagnosed with these two primary cancers at the same time, but that’s not to say someone won’t come along and post to say they have! 

    I think more common is to have cervical cancer which has grown into the vagina, which is the situation I found myself in. So though the cancer was in the vagina, it was cervical cancer where my tumour had grown that particular way. But you’ve been diagnosed with two completely separate types of cancer? 

    Whatever the case, there will be many similarities in treatment, depending on what your plan is. Once all your results have gone to the MDT and you find out your stage and treatment plan, I’m sure many of our ladies will be able to identify. 

    I had chemotherapy and radiotherapy as surgery wasn’t possible when I was originally diagnosed due to the size and location of my tumour. However, when my cancer recurred in the same place I had surgery to remove everything in my pelvis, including my vagina, so I’ve had quite a few different experiences going through all of this! 

    Things are moving quickly for you, which is good. The sooner all the pieces of the jigsaw of getting a full diagnosis are in place, the sooner you can get on with your treatment. It must seem like a complete whirlwind at the moment though. 

    Please feel free to ask any questions and there will be support and shared experience in the group to help you through. Are you feeling physically ok at the moment? I know mentally it’s a different story altogether, 

    Sarah xx

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