Stage 4 cervical cancer diagnosis

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2/01/24 *Update*

Biopsy results
The news we were expecting at worst today was stage three ovarian cancer.

I’d actually had some hope with the last biopsy that this might have been scaled back to stage 2 even stage 1 just from what the doctor had said.

Unfortunately this wasn’t the news we received. The oncologist confirmed that the cancer actually originated from the cervix (despite me having 6 monthly cervical smears) It was missed. Which now means it has spread far beyond stage 3 and we are looking at a Stage 4 Cervical Cancer diagnosis.

This news has completely devastated us all.

Stage 4 is what nobody wants to hear and it’s knocked me for six. I’m overwhelmed completely by fear and sadness and the realisation I might not be here in a year.
I don’t know how I’ve dragged myself through today. I’ve wanted to just give up. I’ve moved from sofa to bed and back again. I’ve screamed and sobbed and shouted. I’ve self medicated to feel less of everything. There really are no words to describe how a diagnosis like this feels. 6 weeks ago I was living my life, your life, a mums life. Full of tiny troubles and quibbles and things that seem so far away from important now than I can barely even think of them. I don’t have anything poignant to say. Only that today so many people have told me to enjoy what time you have left with your girls - but I’m frozen by fear. I can’t imagine what it feels like to enjoy anything anymore. I wish I was like bowel babe with her kick ass attitude but it’s just not me. I’m too sad about the life I wanted to live and too crushed for violet and izzie.
I don’t know what’s next - I think surgery is still on the cards but it all seems so futile. Maybe I’ll buck up and get some fight from somewhere- maybe pray for that for me xx pray I have the strength to fight That’s what I need right now. 

  • Hi  and welcome to our group.

    I’m so sorry to read you are facing a stage 4 diagnosis-that must have been a huge shock, especially as you were not expecting to have a cervical cancer diagnosis, but ovarian. 

    Has it definitely been confirmed to be stage 4? That would mean a spread of the cancer beyond the cervix to another part of your body, so I’m very surprised to read that surgery is on the cards? To be honest I’ve never heard of surgery being an option at this stage for anyone. I know this must be hard, but are you able to share a little bit more about how your diagnosis was arrived at- what scans etc you’ve had, and what surgery is proposed? 

    Normally treatment would be some combination of chemo, radiotherapy and possibly immunotherapy, so have those been mentioned at all? I apologise for asking so many questions, but it would help us get a better understanding of where things are at. I’m not sure if you are in the UK, so it may be different if you are not.

    I hope you will maybe feel able to give a little more information if you can, and we will do our best in the group to help offer you some support with this devastating news. 

    Sarah xx

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  • Hi

    I have stage 4 cervical cancer. It had spread to the ovaries and vulva. I had surgery to remove the ovaries and a radical vulvavectomy. I them had a chemo, then chemo and radiotherapy combined and then brachytherapy. This began back in January last year. Stage 4 doesn't necessarily mean you are going to die. Dont get me wrong I have been really rough and hospitalised a couple of times over the last year but I am getting there. I had my meeting today to find out if it has all worked and unfortunately there us still some residue left but the mass has gone. I find out next week what they want to do next. I have been really upset today as I wanted that all clear but in reality compared to this time last year there has been a massive improvement. Please try to stay positive and build a great support network around you. It us tough but it doesn't always have to be the end. Keep fighting and sending lots of love x

  • Hello Sebkobi,

    firsty, how are you?

    how is your treatment going?

    I have been reading posts in the forum for some time and yours struck a real chord with me.

    i am so sorry to hear if your diagnosis and the effect this is having on you. I too have two small children and the thought of leaving them is utterley heartbreaking.

    the forum seems such a supportive community and I am thankful to be able to join.

     I have been scrolling and navigating this forum for several weeks now, absolutely in awe of the inspirational stories and support this community offers but trying desperately to convince myself I am not part of it.

    my journey started a whole year ago. I always experienced normal periods until I started passing clots for several months. I went to the drs who did a blood test and transvsginal ultra sound and albeit known to me asked me to book a Smear.

    I had the bloods done and ultra sound which were all fine but for sone unknown reason I forgot/didn’t register that I needed a smear.

    i have always been up to date with my smear tests, the last being in aug 2021.

    fast forward a year and I started to experience pain in my top bsck/shoulders. I felt breathless. I have ended up pretty much having my whole body scanned other than reproductive organs.

    the last few weeks the pain has moved to my lower back and tummy and the penny has dropped. I checked back on my health record and I was asked to attend a smear a year ago that I didn’t do. My heart is braking.

    I have two small children who are my absolute world. a loving family snd everything to live for.

    each day that passes I feel more and more zapped of energy. I feel more and more pain every day in different places. i am scared witless.

    i have now had a smear test. The dr says the cervix looks healthy but I know that doesn't mean anything.

    i have paid a lot of money to get this all fast tracked but in my heart i fear it is all too late.

    i am not coping. i have been signed off work. taking anti depressants and constantly crying. whilst i haven't been diagnosed i know what is coming. 

    Sending my best wishes to you xx