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Hi I’ve Recently been diagnosed with a rare  aggressive cervical cancer , still trying to get my head around everything it’s happened so fast 

  • Hi  and welcome to our group.

    It’s difficult enough getting a cancer diagnosis, but when they use words like rare and aggressive it must be even more frightening. I hope you’ll find help and support here in the group as you go through this.

    Do you mind me asking what type you have been diagnosed with to see if we can find connections with others with a similar diagnosis? Mine was adenocarcinoma, so rarer than squamous cell, but still one of the more usual types of this disease.

    You may not yet have have completed all the steps in the diagnostic process, but if you can share where you’re at this is also helpful in making connections with others-eg what scans you have had, what stage you are at. We have ladies diagnosed at  all different stages of the disease, some just starting out on treatment, and some like myself who have come through multiple treatments.

    It’s a huge amount of information at the start, and a lot to process, so this is an especially difficult part to go through, but I hope you’ll find you can share fears and worries within the group, and get support from those of us who have gone through this.

    Do you have a good support network in terms of family and friends around you? Sometimes it can be difficult to share with those closest to you, but we do all understand the initial shock and fear. Most of us have found things got easier when we had a treatment plan and got started.

    Are you feeling well physically at this point? There will always be some sort of help available even in the period of waiting for treatment.

    Anyway, you are very welcome to be with us and I hope we can do our best to help you.

    Sarah xx

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  • Hi  

    Sorry to hear of your diagnosis, it can be particularly overwhelming to have a rare type and not be able to find much information on it. 

    I was diagnosed in November with small cell neuroendocrine - stage 3C1 and am just about to start cycle 3 of chemo, tolerating it well so far.

    Take care,

    Jen x