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I've had my colposcopy results back and a bit confused as it's say my results are negative/ high risk HPV negative. What does this mean as the letter says I need treatment which is booked for the 10 th of November. 

So if it's come back as negative why would I need to have treatment this is what's confusing me

 Thank you ladies for any advice 

  • Hi  and welcome to our group.

    I can understand why it’s confusing to receive a letter a letter like this which indicates you are currently showing negative for the hpv virus but have a treatment appointment. 

    The hpv virus can come and go in that it can be active or dormant so it may be that it has caused some cell changes while active previously which need to be treated. However, as I am not a medical professional I cannot be sure of this. 

    When you go to your appointment it should be explained why the treatment is necessary and what they are going to do. Normally this would involve a LLETZ treatment which is removal of abnormal cells-usually a quick and straightforward procedure. 

    You could try phoning up the clinic to double check exactly what the results of your colposcopy showed and ask about the treatment proposed, just to set your mind at rest. 

    I hope everything goes smoothly for you and turns out well.

    Sarah xx

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