Dreading tomorrow afternoon at The Christie

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Hi Everyone 

I have had my operation and awaiting my results still not had a meltdown apart from this last few days the pain got to me! I'm disabled so practically in pain 24/7 and have coped to live with it .. But this pain is so different plus feeling useless about every day things that I can't do for myself 

So had a wobble but back to me again positive thoughts 

Everyone is so helpful my Family and Friends have been amazing helping me throughout my Diagnosis and treatment 

Especially my younger sister Lesley comes every day when not working she and older Sister Denise are off on there Holidays today daughter got back home last night from our Holiday unfortunately I couldn't make it was in too much pain to go Glamping in Cornwall with them my Son actually decided to visit me! After my Sister had told him off ... He can't really cope with his Mum being unwell Gawd I miss my younger Grandmonsters Isaac and Riley as they're not bringing them to see me to be on the safe side ie! Infections  but do FaceTime video with them both and my Greatgrandbaby Theo 9 months as plenty to say about himself  By for now Caz and the Monsterdoglettes Bindi Piglets and Bennington Purple heart


  • Hi  and welcome to our group.

    Sounds like you’ve got great family around you with lots going on-that’s a real bonus for you. I’m not sure what operation you had, but maybe if you’d like to share some more details about what’s happened with your diagnosis and surgery then more of the ladies in the group could identify with what’s going on for you. 

    We have in the group different experiences of surgeries and treatments for this cancer but it’s likely that someone will be able to identify with whatever you’ve gone through.

    I’m registered disabled myself, so I very much understand the frustrations of needing help and not being able to do certain things for myself-I never thought I’d be wishing for the ability to put on my own socks and shoes for example! Simple things like that.

    I’m assuming from your post you are going to hospital to get results from your operation-is that right? I hope you’ll be able to share a little more with us to help support you through, and that your appointment goes well tomorrow. 

    You’re very welcome to be with us and we’ll be there to listen and help as much as we can from our own experiences. Good to meet you!

    Sarah xx

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