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Hi everyone Iv just finished my treatment end of April I had chemotherapy radiotherapy and brachytherapy together and my life has been a nightmare since I had really bad diarrhoea for about 5 weeks after treatment finished then because the diarrhoea was so bad I got piles and still suffering from that now, my depression and anxiety has got so bad Iv also been getting pains where the tumour was and a small amount of discharge my MRI isn’t until October but im so worried it’s not gone I spend most my days crying and worrying please help someone xx 

  • Try and look for something, even just a little thing, that’s good in every day as it can help to change your mindset if you keep doing it often enough.

    For me, it could be something as silly as a nice cup of tea, or speaking to a friend on the phone, listening to the birds in the garden. Little steps are important. Your son making you proud, making you laugh, simple little blessings in life. Seek them out and it might make you feel a little better.

    Sarah xx

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  • Hi, Leanne

    I am so sorry to read your distress. Please try not to let the fear take over. Easily said, I know. Please click on my profile for a bit of history. I wrote it in detail because it helped me so much to read about someone else with stage 4 after my diagnosis.

    As someone else has said, stage can be frightening, but keeping hope alive is very important. Perhaps you can think of it as a little bird which you are sheltering.

    Someone also said their case was unusual. So was mine. So is yours probably. I find that even with same tumour type, we all have different stories / characters / situations / reactions to treatment. We're all human, however, and I've made some great "cancer friends" in other tumour groups. Sometimes, it helps to exchange with people who are focused on a different medical issue.

    What worked for me was to focus on looking after my mental health (among other things, I did go through the BUPA counselling which someone has mentioned and it was super helpful. I also joined a real-life support group). I left the medical care to the great team who looked after me and if I had ANY concern, immediately contacted my CNS, who is a superstar.

    Talking on this forum is very helpful because everyone is so supportive, and as I say in my profile, talking to macmillan has helped EVERY SINGLE TIME but nothing beats talking to the people looking after you and the professionals who understand how to support us before, during and after cancer treatment.

    If you have a Maggie's Centre near you, go - it's GREAT to be WITH people who understand, better than online in my opinion. ( Though online is good for the out-of-hours anxiety.

    I hope you feel better soon in every way, but whatever next for you, very best wishes!

  • Hi Leanne, just reading the thread and wondered how you are? 
    I was stage 3 and had chemo, radio and brachytherapy. Had my scan 3 months later and I was told no signs of cancer, got my next scan next week.

    I really do believe in being positive. I know it’s hard especially so when we have our children to think of too.

    hope your ok and sending a hug xx