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Hiya there 

I am 30 years old and I have been hpv positive for 5 years and had smear tests yearly and today I had my results back that I have cin 1 and have to go for a colposcopy. I just feel a bit scared of the whole situation and feeling anxious.

  • Hi  and welcome to our group

    I think we all feel a little anxious when we’ve had an abnormal result from testing. The colposcopy will allow for a closer look at your cervix, and liquid will be applied to identify where the abnormal cells are. Usually cells at CIN1 would be monitored and not actually treated, especially in young women, but at the colposcopy there may be a punch biopsy(just a tinysample of tissue) taken for testing to ensure that the diagnosis from the smear is correct.

    CIN at levels 1-3 are not cancer, but they are abnormal cells so it’s good that you are having the colposcopy to make sure that the cells can be monitored more frequently or removed if required.

    Is there anything you’re feeling particularly anxious about or scared of? The procedure should not take long to carry out, and in my experience the staff will make you comfortable and do everything they can to reassure you. 

    Sarah xx

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