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  • Hi everyone 
  • I'm wondering if anyone has had anything similar to me where the colposcopy Dr has said their discharge smells of cancer?
  • I had an mri scan last November & small cysts were seen on the cervix.   I finally saw a gynaecologist yesterday in colposcopy & she couldn't see anything on the outside of the cervix but she said she was very concerned about the amount of watery discharge & the smell.  She said it smells of cancer.  I now have to wait for urgent mri & hysteroscopy. 
  • I'm so scared as I've been getting cramps & back pain & I haven't had a period since March.  


  • Hi  and welcome to our group

    What a horrible thing for the doctor to say to you! I’m not sure how she knows that, and it’s not something was said to me at any point so I haven’t had the same experience, but maybe some of the other ladies in the group will be able to identify with this.

    The mri and hysteroscopy will give much more information, and I hope you don’t have long to wait for these, as we all know how stressful the waiting for any diagnosis is. You may need to have biopsies taken, as cancer can only be confirmed from a biopsy, even though they may suspect it.

    I’m sorry you’re being faced with this and no other information yet, but you are welcome to post and share with us in the group to see if we can help support you through.

    For now, you’ll just have to hang in there and wait for your next tests, but we do all understand how hard that is.

    Sarah xx

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  • Hi Beckyboo,

    I agree with Sarah, that was a really awful thing to say to you. Especially as they aren't sure yet what is going on.

    My gynae often tells me that some infections can cause smelly discharge but never mentioned cancer smelling. During my colposcopy my doctor could see what she thought was a tumour (it was) but never mentioned a smell at all. And aren't the doctors wearing masks?

    I'm shocked and outraged at this. It's really insensitive of them and I'm so sorry.

    I hope you get more comforting news soon,

    Take care of yourself,


  • Wow!  I agree what an awful thing for her to say and I have never heard of anything like that being said.  I feel so sorry that you are now faced with this anxiety because of some careless comment.  Sarah is right though, you need all the results from the tests they are doing and I hope you don't have to wait too long for those. xx

  • Even doctors can fail to realise how scarey being in your position is and speak before they think! Hopefully you will get tests done in next couple of weeks and get some answers.

    We all know how hard this part is and how fear intensifies all your feelings sometimes but once you start getting answers it all becomes more manageable. Just try to remember that until they do a biopsy nobody can say for certain that you even have cancer. Hopefully you don't so just try to focus on that.

    Mas x