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Hi everyone hope you are well. I was diagnosed  with cervical cancer 2020. Treatment has left me with issues and I have to receive uteral kidney stent change every 5/6 months.  Does anyone else haveWorriedhese issues?  Worried and very anxious Worried 

  • Hi 

    Im so sorry to read that you are going through this, may i ask have you had the stents put in yet or are you waiting for them to be put in and how long do you have to go through this, is there an end date or permanently? Also do you mind me asking are the complications due to them damaging the tubes during surgery or something else?

    I too had complications from surgery, they dmamged both my ureter tubes, this caused me to leak urine through my vagina constantly.   I had two stents put in and also lived with a catheter for 8 weeks.

    Im no expert but any advice i can give i will.

    any questions, just ask and i’ll try my best to answer where i can

    Maybe you could phone the support line number and ask for some advice on this and also if you have a good specialist nurse then try to pin them down and get some advice also.  

    I hope you can find some comfort in this forum and speak to people who are going through or have been through similar so you know you are not alone

    take care xx

  • Hi

    Thanks for your reply. I was left with a problematic right kidney at the uteral stent was put in. I have had this procedure a few times and this will continue throughout my life. I am a very anxious person but coming up to this procedure  it gets worse . 

    Thanks Heart 

  • Im so sorry you have been left with this for permenantly, it must be hard. I found my stents extremely uncomfortable permenantly and I cant begin to imagine having them in permanently.  How are you finding them? Do you have discomfort with them?
    I can totally understand why you get anxious before the procedure, it is not pleasant at all and you wouldnt be human if you didnt get stressed and anxious beforehand.  
    I find since all my complications i get more and more anxious before procedures or appts.  To the point it makes me feel ill and i cant relax at all and definately doesnt help during treatments. 
    Maybe you need to discuss some pre procedural breathing exercises or even pre-meds to keep you a bit calmer.  This may also help you relax a bit and help the procedure be a bit less traumatic?

    I really hope you can some help for this professionally as it is an issue a lot of us face, and would like some help with, including me. 

    All the luck in the world to you Hearts

  • Hi   and welcome to our group.

    I’m so sorry to read you’ve been left with such long lasting treatment effects. I don’t have experience of stents myself but have a number of friends with them and understand it’s not a pleasant procedure to go through to have them changed. 

    Sorry I can’t help with relevant experience but I hope you’ll be able to connect with other ladies who have had to go through this. 

    Sarah xx

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