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Hi guys I’m new to the group I’m 60 this year last week I went to the hospital for a camera to check on spotting of blood  I contacted my gp as very tired pain in pelvic area and backache the exhaustion has led me to drastically reduce my work hours.  So Monday I got a hospital letter asking me to attend oncology Wed 22nd lots of paperwork attached which to be honest has frightened the life out of me .  I’m a mum of 6 grown up children and have 10 grandchildren I’m so worried any advise to keep calm .  I needed to talk to someone as I haven’t told anyone anything just fed up of feeling poorly 

thanking you


  • Hi  and welcome to our group.

    I’m sorry you have been so frightened by the paperwork you’ve received without knowing much information so far. 

    When you say you’ve been asked to attend oncology, does it give you any indication of what the appointment is for? Is it to speak to someone or have some further tests? Perhaps we can help support you if we know a little more. For example has cervical cancer been mentioned up till now? The reason I ask is that not all cases of spotting will turn out to be this type of cancer. Did you have a hysteroscopy to check your womb for example? 

    The best advice I can give at this stage is not to use Dr Google to try and self diagnose what might be wrong, and try not to let your thoughts run wild at this point. You only have a couple of days to wait for your appointment, so that’s not long, but it’s obviously going to be a very worrying time for you. You will naturally be anxious, but try to keep yourself busy and distracted and just take things a day at a time. 

    Please feel free to ask any questions here or share any information you feel comfortable with. It can be easier sometimes to talk to others who have been through this type of situation rather than talking to friends or relatives who haven’t had the same experience. 

    Sarah xx

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