Removal of large ovarian cyst and radical hysterectomy

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Hi new to this forum and looking for similar surgery experiences .Was diagnosed with giant ovarian cyst 30cm in December..Appointment with surgeon oncologist last Wednesday .Will be having surgery in the next four to six weeks .Due to the size of the cyst will need  open surgery with large vertical cut from chest to pubic area .Removal of all reproductive organs plus anything that looks suspicious .Iam 71 years old and tiny .Anxiety is terrible like living in a nightmare .Anyone out there had the same surgery at this age .Regards 

  • Hi  and welcome to our group.

    While we have experience within the group of a radical hysterectomy due to cervical cancer, I see that you have also joined the Ovarian group where there may be more experience of ovarian cysts and surgery. If you click on this link I have made, it will take you there and you can put your post in the group in the same way you have put this post on.

    Ovarian Cancer Forum

    I myself have had a total pelvic exenteration, which is the complete removal of the whole reproductive system, plus bladder, vagina and rectum, so I have experience of major surgery, but not quite the experience you are looking for. I was also a little younger than you when I had my operation at almost 58. 

    I can appreciate that this will be a very anxious time for you as the prospect of major surgery is scary for us all. Have you got a good support network of family and friends around you to help support you through? 

    You are of course very welcome to be a part of our group, but you will hopefully be able to get some further more specific advice in the ovarian group. If you need any help with navigating the site in any way, please let me know and I’ll be happy to help.

    Sarah xx

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