Awaiting surgery

I realise from even glancing at even some of these posts how lucky I am to be even asking about my situation so I apologise for any upset for anyone in a worse position who might read this.

I have been advised that a radical hysterectomy will be scheduled and then they will evaluate if I need treatment after. I am just really looking for anyone that has been through this to help me understand what it will be like after. I am 35 so they hope they can leave the ovaries and my partner and I are going to see if there is any hope for fertility through surrogacy. Has anyone been in this situation? I know we can harvest before but it may delay surgery but we may be able to harvest after if they can leave the ovaries they may try and deny us funding because I might be ‘cancer free’. The consultant said she has had patients challenge this and be successful - has anyone experienced this? The fertility team are contacting us next week but I don’t know what to do I don’t want to let my partner down as I already feel like I have brought this upon us even though I know it’s the cancer and not me.

Scared for the surgery but so grateful it is an option. I never pictured myself being over the moon to hear a PET scan confirmed the MRI that I have my cancer but surgery is the way for now. 

Any comments or help so appreciated, only feeling strong enough to start reaching out now. Again so sorry for anyone not in my so very fortunate position.


  • Hi   and welcome to our group.

    A number of ladies in the group have had a radical hysterectomy so I hope they’ll be along to chat with you and share their experience. As for the issue of fertility and egg harvesting, one of our members is in the midst of a similar situation with his wife, so I’ll tag him in   so that you can connect and hopefully chat further.

    There is absolutely no need to apologise for asking your questions, and I’m sure it won’t be upsetting for anyone. We have ladies with all stages of cervical cancer in the group, and those of us who weren’t able to have surgery initially were still able to have other treatment. You are very welcome to be with us, and are free to ask anything-this is a safe place and we have a lovely bunch who can offer you support as you go through this.

    I can’t offer practical experience of what you’re about to go through, as my situation was different, but I try to welcome everyone new to the group nonetheless! 

    You’ve had a cancer diagnosis, you’re headed for major surgery, and you are a valid member of this group, so please don’t feel you ever have to say sorry for any post you make. I’m sure in turn your experiences will also be valuable for others who join in a similar situation.

    Sarah xx

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  • Thanks for the quick reply Steve40 is my husband. Both trying to have a laugh we reached out separately and we’re recommended to each other.

    I would be really grateful to hear from anyone who has been in my position treatment wise or beyond and is happy to talk.

    thanks again for your support,


  • I’m sorry  -I did have that moment of wondering if you might be Steve’s wife but thought I should make the post in case I’d made the wrong assumption! Oops!

    I’m so glad you’ve joined us-obviously Steve was, and is, very welcome to be here too. You are both in an incredibly difficult situation so I hope there is someone else who reads your post and can chime in with relevant experience to share with you.

    My surgery effectively included a radical hysterectomy but was a much bigger operation overall, and I was post menopausal so it was really a completely different experience. 

    Sarah xx

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  • Hi Jen,

    you shouldn’t blame yourself I was diagnosed when I was 33 and didn’t have children. It is easy for women to put the blame on themself as we are the ones end up with symptoms but it is not the case everyone might carry the virus and not have symptoms. 
    We are the unlucky ones …

    I cannot advised about the surgery as I had the chemo rads treatment regime. 

    regarding fertility treatment, I was so scared to delay and I decided to opt out which I never regretted it. My husband and I now we are exploring the surrogacy option with donor eggs. 

    my advise is that it is your body and in the end you should be the one to take all the decisions regarding your treatment. You should put yourself first now. 

    I really hope all the best with your treatment and your surgery. Be strong