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Grid morning. I have just joined.   Thank you.   I have just been diagnosed with stage 4 cervical cancer,   I seem to really feel nothing 90%of the time.  Guess I am hoping I wake up.   I am still having to undergo tests.  They have done a pet scan and seem to think that it has spread to my lungs. I am awaiting a lung biopsy… I am now afraid.   If it is they say it is probably only palliative care.  Should I have this biopsy. And anyone there can give me any more information.  I don’t know what to as all a bit of a shock 

thank you 

  • Hi   and welcome to our group

    I’m sorry to read you have such a difficult diagnosis to deal with, and can appreciate this must be very tough on you. 

    It’s been some time time since anyone has posted in the group with anything similar, but I hope you will have some replies to help you. Do you have support from family and friends around you? I do hope so. 

    I am unable to say if you should have the biopsy as I don’t have the appropriate knowledge and experience of this, but your doctors will be trying to get a full picture of exactly what is going on.

    I’d like to suggest a couple of other groups within the community which you would be welcome to join in addition to this one which may provide you with further support and advice

    Living with Incurable Cancer

    Secondary Lung Cancer

    We also have Ask a Nurse where you can ask questions of the professionals, although do allow a couple of days for a reply.

    The Macmillan support line(number in my signature) can offer emotional and practical support over the phone so you may want to give them a call to discuss how you’re feeling. Macmillan has an arrangement with BUPA to offer up to 6 free sessions of counselling, which I have benefited from myself and can highly recommend. 

    I’m sorry that I don’t have the experience to give you any more practical help myself, but I hope you will find the community in general a good source of advice, support and information to help you process this very challenging time. Please of course feel free to use this group too for emotional support and a friendly ear if you feel able. 

    Take very special care

    Sarah xx

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  • Thank you for replying so soon and for the links.  Heart

  • I used the nurse chat on here a few times when I first joined abd found them very supportive. Xx

  • Hi. Sorry to hear what you are going through.  Initially it is all very scarey no matter what the diagnosis but once the shock wears off a bit you can deal with it better.Only you can make decisions about the biopsy. Personally I think that it is better to get the facts so that you know that whatever you decide is the right thing for you. Things could turn out better than you  expect too! xx

  • Yes thank you I have. Xxx

  • Yes. Thank you.  Sometimes your family worry and my husband is worried if it goes wrong ,the biopsy,   Thank you for your reply xx

  • I have just joined too. Sorry to hear your diagnosis which is similar to mine. I have cervical cancer which has spread to the liver. My oncologist gave me the choice to have a biopsy or continue with the treatment for cervical cancer and monitor the liver to see how fast its growing. I opted for chemoradiotherapy and brachy which will hopefully give me a better quality of life. I will find out more about the liver mets on my next scan. Mine was discovered accidentally in September so my only symptom was heavy bleeding which was put down to menopause.

  • Hi   and welcome to our group

    It can be difficult when you’re given a choice like this, but chemoradiotherapy can be very effective, especially with the added brachytherapy. 

    It’s tough to get a diagnosis of mets from the get go, but it doesn’t mean there is nothing to be done about them so I hope your next scan gives more information and some options for you.

    Would you like to share with us where you are in the process? Have you finished the chemo and radio yet, and are waiting for a post treatment scan, or still having treatment? 

    There is a group in the community which may be helpful to you in addition to this one, and this link will take you to it

    Secondary Liver Cancer

    Please let us know how you’re getting on, and I hope you will find some comfort and emotional support from being in the group.

    Take care

    Sarah xx

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  • Yes mine was also as I started bleeding and it got heavy..  I feel a bit disappointed with my oncologist as he seems to have me down as terminal and saying if in the lungs it will be only palliativFour leaf clovercare.  Which I need to find out what it is.  I have not started any kind of treatment and reaching CBD oils.  Wishing you all the luck Four leaf clover   

  • Hi  

    I’m sad to read you have an oncologist who seems to have written you off, especially using the word terminal which just seems so defeatist at an initial diagnosis. How I look at it is that every single person alive is terminal as one day we will die since we don’t live forever. I would rather use the word incurable, which doesn’t have the same meaning. It is possible to keep living with cancer which is incurable, and to me that seems a very important distinction.

    I have a number of friends with cervical cancer lung mets, and all of them have been given options for treatment. Once you discover from the biopsy what is involved, it may be the time to see if your oncologist still holds the same view, and whether it might be appropriate to seek a second opinion. 

    Sometimes it’s important for us personally to advocate for ourselves and feel that at least we have explored every possible option. 

    Sarah xx

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