Awaiting biopsy results

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Hi, so I went for my colposcopy yesterday, first thing the consultant said was your here because your  smear test  has come back with the worst results....

As she was doing the procedure she said it's advanced (not sure what she meant by that). My whole cervix is covered with abnormal cells she took 3 biopsy of the most affected areas.

After that she sat me down and said best case scenario would be general anesthetic as too much to remove there and then,  but most likely a mri scan, now I thought you only have an mri scan if it is cancer to see what stage it is at ? 

I really think she already knows what's going on with me but couldn't say without test results to confirm her suspicions, which she said she was sending them off with urgent all over them and she will also personally phone me with my results.

I have a rare genetic condition called multiple endocrine neoplasia 1 (nicknamed cancer syndrome) 

I've been trying to find out if that could be associated with cervical cancer but can't seem to find an answer anywhere.

Might be a long shot but if anyone with men1 has been diagnosed with cervical cancer was you told it was associated?


  • Sorry meant to say I'm 39 years young, suffering with back pain and although my periods are regular they are very heavy and last around 11/12 days.

  • Sorry I’m new here diagnosed yesterday but wanted to say I’m thinking of you 


  • Hi  and welcome to our group.

    Gosh, first of all I’m pretty shocked by how the doctor spoke to you! It sounds very unhelpful. You would have had the colposcopy because your smear results picked up hpv (an extremely common result) and the colposcopy is to check for abnormal cells, which are caused by this virus and are a precancerous condition which can be treated.

    There are many strains of hpv, and the ones which can cause issues are classed as high risk. They can cause abnormal cells of varying degrees ranging from borderline, through moderate to severe. By “advanced” she may have meant that she can see the highest level of abnormal cells and because of the area these cover it is more appropriate to have a GA to have them removed. That’s not unusual. 

    It’s unlikely that she knows at this stage what’s going on, but she probably has her own views based on experience. However the only way to know for sure is through a biopsy. It’s not unusual to have the biopsy results marked as urgent, as there are still big backlogs in the system after covid, and you also have your other medical condition to consider.

    You don’t only have an mri scan to stage cancer-they are used for many reasons but their purpose is to give a better picture of what is going on to help with diagnosis in the first instance. Cancer is staged by pulling together a number of different test results to give the final result of a stage.

    I’ve not heard of men1 before, and never heard it mentioned in the group so it may be difficult to connect with anyone who has the same experience. I don’t know if it increases the likelihood of a cervical cancer diagnosis, but if the biopsies are marked urgent you shouldn’t be waiting too long for an answer. 

    I can understand you will be worried right now, that’s inevitable, and especially given the doctor’s attitude, but you’ll need to try and sit tight for now waiting for the biopsy results. We can all agree that waiting is just horrible, and one of the worst things about this whole process.

    But we have a lovely group here and you are very welcome to be with us and keep posting with how you’re getting on. If we can help with advice based on our own experiences we will be happy to share with you and help you along with our support.

    Please keep us posted with how things go, and I hope things are better than you might be thinking at the moment.

    Sarah xx

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  • Hi  and welcome to our group.

    Would you like to make a new post and tell us a little about what has brought you here? I see you have just been diagnosed and we can all understand what a scary time that is. We are a friendly bunch and will be happy to help if we can.

    Sarah xx

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  • Hiya,

    I wanted to reply briefly as having read of your experience, I was surprised at how similar to mine it sounded. I also have MEN (2a) and am awaiting my biopsy results having gone through something strangely similar (Doctor who said I was there because results of my smear did not look good, she took 2 biopsies and said it looked abnormal to the naked eye but wouldn't confirm anything without the results, also mentioned I would probably have an MRI and need a general anaesthetic for a cone procedure). She gave me the impression she knew what she had seen but could not say without the histology (result of the biopsy) back, she also wrote urgent on the form and said she would call with my results.

    I saw my endocrine consultant today (coincidentally, as I only see them bi-annually), he said there is no relation between the 2, but it would also be worth speaking to your own specialist and not taking my word for it.

    I hope you are okay? and have had your biopsy results back?

    Best wishes,