Radical hysterectomy

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Good Morning 

New to the group first time posting. Got diagnosed stage 1b1 cervical cancer on 3rd of October. I am 38 with 2 beautiful baby girls (6 and 23 months old) 

Yesterday I had a radical hysterectomy and I've just woke up so emotional, in pain and lonely. I guess being busy with the girls all the time I've never stopped and thought about what's actually happening/happened. 

My husband, my friends and family are great but it's hard to get across how cancer affects you mentally. Is it just me or does it always feel like it's happening to someone else...? 

And now after the operation part of you is gone...... but a bad part of you that had to go. 

I'm so apprehensive about what's to come with recovery with having the 2 girls I'm just reaching out to hear similar experiences 


  • Hi  

    Welcome to our group! You’ve been through a lot in a short space of time, and it’s natural to feel a bit shell shocked by it all. It can be hard to process everything when things are such a whirlwind, and you have a major operation like this, so don’t be hard on yourself. A number of ladies in the group have had a radical hysterectomy so will be able to identify with your feelings and I hope they’ll come along and chat. My own surgery was larger and more complex but I understand what it’s like to have parts removed and it does have a huge effect mentally.

    Recovery can be tough, especially with 2 little ones, so I hope you have plenty of practical support when you get home with meals, housework and looking after the girls as you’ll need to take it very easy. You’re going to be tired and need a lot of rest, and no lifting! You have a lot of healing to do inside, so even when you might think you’re feeling fine and can do stuff, you still need to take care of yourself. 

    You may want to have some help with the emotional/mental side of everything in addition to the physical aspects of healing, and Macmillan have teamed up with BUPA to provide 6 free counselling sessions, which I can recommend having done this myself. The support number to call is in my signature below and you could call when you are ready to get some information and set this up if you feel it’s something you could benefit from.

    Hopefully you will not need any further treatment and the surgery has been enough to completely remove your cancer, and your little ones will give you the focus you need to get through. Your pain should be well managed in hospital and beyond, so don’t be afraid to say how you are feeling and ask for what you need. Full recovery will take a good few weeks, so take things easy and look after yourself. You’ve been through a major trauma to your mind and body, so be kind to yourself, and take the time to feel however you need to feel. I hope you’ll stick with us and let us know how you’re getting on. 

    Take care

    Sarah xx

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  • Awe thank you so much for your kind words Sarah. It is really difficult to just stop and think sometimes, I tend to over think things to which makes it worse.

    I'll get test results in 2/3 weeks however consultant was positive that the operation should be enough so fingers crossed there.

    The pain today has taken me back a bit as yesterday after surgery I felt OK ish.... obviously alot of anaesthetic did the trick and has since wore off!

    I'm gonna struggle with taking it easy but I have some support at home with the girls and my husband has been amazing. 

    It's nice to be able to open up to someone who understands what I'm going through and also that I am not alone 


  • Family are a blessing but no matter how hard they try, and how well they support us, they don’t know what this actually feels like, and that’s when it can be a real help to speak to others who understand and know from going through this.

    It’s really positive that your consultant thinks the surgery will be enough for you-I had a 2-3 week wait for my pathology results after my surgery, but to be honest wasn’t even thinking about it as I was still trying to get over my surgery and was sleeping a lot and very weak. But my results were excellent, so I’m hoping you get the same type of good news. 

    Sarah xx

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