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Hi my name is w3ndy and new to the group. Diagnosed in March and had treatment over the summer. 

After mri and consultation on October was told that because of residual scaring they couldn't say 100% that the cancer had gone and I'm to have another scan in January. 

I have been in pain since treatment finished and it's worse when ni sit or lie down.  My Gp seems to just skim over the pain and more interested in how I'm feeling in myself, which is not good but more  interested in getting me back into work (I work in the surgery).

I feel as though I should be making the effort to work and I have done phased  return for two weeks but finding it difficult. 

I'm sorry to ramble on with my first post Blush

  • Hi  and welcome to our group!

    No need to apologise for rambling-please feel free to say whatever you want here. I’m sorry to read you’re still in pain, but you should be getting help with this. You should still be under the care of your hospital team as you’re so recently out of treatment so I would look to them for some help with this. Could you phone your CNS for some advice, or your consultant’s secretary to ask for a call to chat it through with them? Did you mention your continuing pain when you had your appointment in October? Are you currently getting any prescribed pain relief? The consultant may think you should be seen in person before the next scan, and can prescribe you with pain medication if you need it. 

    It’s hard to wait for another scan, but quite common for this to happen when they need to make doubly sure of everything after the first scan. I’m assuming you had chemoradiation? Sometimes the first post treatment scan doesn’t give a conclusive answer.

    Your gp doesn’t sound too sympathetic, but treatment is tough and I can imagine it is difficult to try to return to work, especially if you are not feeling too good in yourself. Phased return is the usual way forward, but, as the employer, the gp should know that you have protection under the Disability Act and that reasonable adjustments need to be made for you going forward.

    If you are finding things difficult on an emotional level, there is also help available, like counselling for example if you feel you would benefit from that. 

    Please keep posting in the group-lots of ladies struggle after treatment, so you’re not alone in this, and I hope you’ll find this a friendly and helpful group where we understand what this is like.

    Sarah xx 

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  • Hi W3ndy 

    I also struggle with pain and poor mental health and the thought of having to go to work, pretend everything is fine and care for very vulnerable people in the community when I was feeling very vulnerable myself so I realy understand how you feel. Please take Sarah's advice and seek help. I waited a long time before asking for councelling but I'm so glad I did! It has set me on the right track and gave me the tools I already possessed to help heal myself. Good luck.

    Angela xx

  • Hi Angela

    Thank you for your reply.  I have spoken to my Gp and they have decided that it would be better for me to wait until the new year before starting back to work again.  With a few issues still to be sorted out (Urology) and hopefully when they do it will help my frame of mind.

    Sarah gave some very good and useful advice and will be bearing in mind what to be trying and doing.

    Wendy xx