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Hi everyone. Been reading through previous threads and I am both inspired and terrified at the same time. I am a wife, mum to 3 lovely daughters and. Primary teacher. I have fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue and manage these conditions reasonably well. 
I have had a difficult few months and I am about to start the 5 weeks of chemo/radio/brachy.

5 months ago I experienced an unusual discharge after intercourse. I was also experiencing bladder leakage but put this down to menopause. Luckily, I contacted my GP, who after a chat and exam referred me on the 2 week pathway. I had always had my smear tests on time and never had any issues. 
I had an ultrasound scan and was told I had hyperplasia so needed a uterus biopsy done under GA. I was told by the doctor who did this that all was well and I just needed a mirena coil!!!! Thank goodness my consultant didn’t leave it at that. I was sent for an MRI and as this showed what they called a ‘lesion’, I was referred to the Christie. By this point I was terrified. The Christie repeated the biopsies under GA and this time results were inconclusive so I was referred to the surgeon.  I had a total hysterectomy at the end of September and have recovered well.

at my 4 week follow up, I was shocked to learn I had cervical cancer- B2. It was the less common adenocarcinoma and was situated high in my cervical canal. A second tumour was also developing in my uterus. The surgeon was surprised by the size of the tumour and at MDT, it was decided that I was going to need further treatment. I am so overwhelmed with emotions at the moment. I met my clinical oncologist today and have my planning scan a week on Monday. My main worry is reacting to the chemotherapy drugs as I have had awful reactions in the past. 
I just can’t seem to find any courage at the moment and can’t help worrying about further cancer.

thanks for listening. Take care x

  • Hi Cuppakathy and welcome!

    This is so distressing for you as you have been through so much already. I can tell you that the Chemo part of your treatment is a low dose Chemo so the side effects will hopefully be minimal and you shouldn't lose your hair. The main side effects I had from the chemo was constipation and there is plenty of medication that you can be given to combat any side effects. This treatment is very do-able and very successful so there is plenty to be optimistic about. The staff are excellent and will look after you very well. Your treatment will start soon after your planning scan and you will feel so much better and more in control. Good luck and please ask the ladies on here about anything, they are a lovely supportive bunch. Keep us posted on your progress and really, you will be fine xxx

  • Hi  and welcome to our group!

    You been through quite a bit to get to where you are now, but it’s good that your consultant was thorough in getting the mri done. When you say B2 as your stage, so you mean stage 1b2 or 2b2? I know it’s a lot to take it when you get the shock of a cancer diagnosis.

    A number of us have had adenocarcinoma and I remember my gynaecologist at diagnosis telling me it was a rarer form of cervical cancer, but I understand it’s becoming more common these days. 

    The planning scan will be straightforward, just to establish exactly where you need your little tattoos to target the radiation. The chemotherapy as Snobird has said is a low dose, and it’s designed to increase the effectiveness of the radiation so try not to worry about this. I didn’t have side effects from it at all but if you do, they will have something to combat whatever is going on. Everyone gets anti sickness meds, but I was never sick with it. I found it very straightforward to cope with, and radiation was harder for me. But the important thing to remember is that everyone is unique and different in how they react, so try not to anticipate problems before you start. One thing to note that is definitely positive is that the brachytherapy is much simpler for ladies who no longer have a womb! It’s quicker and very straightforward. 

    It is all very overwhelming at the start but Snobird is right in saying the treatment is very manageable and can have very good results, so focus on that if you can. Just take one day at a time and try not to look too far ahead. You will find the strength to do it and it will be over in a matter of weeks. You will feel less overwhelmed once you get started, I think we’ve all found that, and we are here to help you through based on our own experiences. 

    Please keep in touch and post any questions or concerns and we will do our best to help support you. Hold tight for now, and just focus on one step at a time.

    Sarah xx

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  • Hi Cuppakathy,

    Gosh, your journey sounds really stressful so far.

    I'm just writing about the reaction to chemo. Make sure you mention your previous bad reactions to medicines before you start as I have the same problem and they gave me a pre-chemo treatment to do each week before the chemo day which involves anti-histimines and cortisone as well as a pill to protect my stomach. I am doing the a five week chemoradiotherapy for stage 111C1 cervical carcinoma following a radical hysterectomy. I am living in Italy, so they may do things differently in the UK, but I felt a lot safer knowing I had taken steps to stop my body reacting very badly to the drugs and I haven't suffered too much, just a bit of nausea.

    Good luck with everything,


  • Hello,

    I too have adenocarcinoma and start Chemo/rad/beachy on 21st november.

    I've already had a hysterectomy and have been on this journey ever since cervical cancer was found on a routine smear. I had no symptoms.

    I understand how overwhelming this all is and you've had a lot happen in a short time. Just know that you are not alone and I wish you the best