MRI scan tomorrow

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After an agonising 7 day wait after being told about cancer cells that were picked up in my colposcopy, I finally got the call to go in tomorrow for my emergency scan! 

While I am relieved that this wait is finally over it just means that I'm on the cusp of a second wait and feeling scared all over again! Confounded

Hating this constant state of limbo! 

  • Hi  

    I’m not sure if you saw replies to your last post? You have been very lucky to get a scan so quickly, although it may not seem like that, but yes there will be a further wait. You need get used to waiting during the diagnostic process I’m afraid, so that the most appropriate plan is decided for you. 

    I hope it goes well for you tomorrow.

    Sarah xx

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  • Hi Chul, good luck for tomorrow.  I'm afraid waiting is the name of the game now as Sarah says but when they have a complete picture and treatment begins you will feel much better xx