Stage 1B2 Diagnosis - Age 25 no children awaiting chemo/radiotherapy post surgery

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Hi all, 

I was diagnosed with stage 1B2 cervical cancer in late Feb, and had my surgery late April (radical hysterectomy). This means I’m now 4 weeks post surgery and so far, the recovery seems to be going well and I feel SO much more myself than the first two weeks. I had my follow up appointment two days ago and frustratingly the tumour was bigger than they originally thought, so the margins are very small. This means I’ll be undertaking chemo/radiotherapy in the next few weeks - I don’t have a lot of details on this yet as my new consultant hasn’t been in touch as of yet. 

I only recently turned 25 so I am quite young (and if I’m honest, a bit scared and lonely!) and I don’t have any children. I haven’t frozen my eggs, and I know that radiotherapy will send me into early menopause which is scary at my age especially. 

I was just wondering if anyone else was around my age and had similar experiences, or if anyone could provide any advice or reassurance at this time. I have some great support workers with the Teenage Cancer Trust and Young Lives vs. Cancer which is brilliant, but it makes a real difference listening to the experiences of others who have been through it. 

Thanks all (or diolch yn fawr pawb for anyone also based in Cymru!) 

  • Hi  and welcome to our group.

    I’m glad to see you are recovering well from your surgery, but appreciate it must feel disappointing to now be facing chemoradiation.

    You are very young to be going through all of this, but I hope we have some other ladies in the group who might be able to identify with being your age group. I’ve been through chemoradiation myself, and surgery, but I’m much older than you so was post menopausal when I was first diagnosed. 

    So although I am a different age group, I just wanted to say hello, and I hope you’ll find the group helpful and supportive. Feel free to ask any questions and lots of us who have been through chemoradiation can help with our own experiences. We’ve also had other ladies in your situation where the surgery has been followed by further treatment, so hopefully they will come along and share their experiences with you too. 

    Hope you’re taking it easy for now and that your recovery continues well. 

    Sarah xx

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