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Hi All

I was diagnosed with Cervical cancer 9 years ago. Stage 3 and underwent, chemo, radiotherapy and brachytherapy.

I was given the all clear in May 2014. 

Over the years i have had a few issues as a result of the treatment but it is a small price to pay to still be here, however in the last month or so I have been feeling rather poorly, weight loss, tired all the time and no appetite. 

I have had tests which have found that i am very anaemic, but has ruled out celiac, thyroid, diabetes and bowel cancer. 

I have a CT scan on Wednesday and so worried that they will find something as i have always suffered with UTI's. 

Has anyone else who had Cervical cancer got a 2nd cancer? 

Thank you  

  • Hi  and welcome to our group!

    I’m not sure if there is anyone in the group who has been diagnosed with a second, different, cancer, but hope anyone who has might chip in. When you say second cancer, do you mean a completely different primary cancer or a recurrence of cervical cancer? 

    I’ve never been told I had the “all clear”, even though I’ve been through cervical cancer twice, as the most my consultants have ever said is that there is “no evidence of disease”. This is different from “all clear” which my consultants would not say, because they don’t know if there are microscopic cells remaining which may grow again in time and they prefer to be realistic. I think that’s fair, as my cancer did come back after successful first line treatment. Unfortunately it can come back at any time, and we do have a number of ladies in the group who have had recurrent cervical cancer rather than a completely new second primary cancer. 

    However, that being said, you don’t have a cancer diagnosis as yet, so there may hopefully be another reasons for your symptoms and at least you’ve had a number of possibilities ruled out.  It is always an anxious time going for scans, but the main thing is that it may  hopefully give you answers to your issues and then you can deal with them. 

    I hope you’ll let us know how you get on, and please keep posting whenever you would like to-you are very welcome to be with us.

    Sarah xx

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