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Hi everyone

Its been over a year since my last post!

i was diagnosed with stage 3C2 cervical cancer with lymph node involvement (pelvic and Para-aortic lymph nodes) back in Dec 22

i had chemorads and brachytherapy over a 7 week period as they couldn’t do the hysterectomy as i was at the latter stages

i have had clear MRI’s and physical checks every three months and have been told i am now in remission NED, but a few weeks ago my left clavical lymph node became enlarged and i had lots of swelling around that area too. 
i was given CT scan that came back clear, so then had a needle biopsy - i am still awaiting the results and they have now ordered a PET scan.

Has anyone else been in this situation? I wasn’t panicking until they ordered the PET scan

any information would be useful


  • Hi  and welcome back!

    I’m sorry to hear you have another concern to face-I haven’t been in the same position as I didn’t have any lymphnode involvement at my stage 2b diagnosis. I had chemorads, but had a recurrence about 9 months after treatment ended, which was about 6 months after getting Ned on my mri scan.

    I hope the petscan and needle biopsy don’t mean a recurrence for you-I know how scary that is after being Ned. I don’t recall anyone in the group off the top of my head who has found themselves in your position, but I hope if anyone is reading who can identify, that’ll they’ll reply.

    I’m not sure if you've had a petscan before? Any uptake from the radioactive tracer will light up on the scan, and if something is picked up on the clavicle area, it can be matched to findings from the Ct scan and biopsy results to decide on any action needed. 

    I really hope it’s not a recurrence, but please do come back and let us know how you get on with the petscan and results. 

    Sarah xx

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  • Since my last post i have had the results back from CT, biopsy and PET scan. 
    the cancer has spread. I still have no cancer in the cervix or in the involved lymph nodes but somehow cervical cancer cells have gone into my supraclavical lymph node and no other cancer can be seen anywhere else in the body

    I have been told this is incurable stage 4 cervical cancer in my lymph node 

    I will start palliative radiotherapy in 2 weeks and i will have 15 sessions over 3 weeks. I will then have chemotherapy and dependant on gene test i may be able to have immunotherapy.

    I am so scared as the doctors have said i could have months or i could have years

  • Oh  

    I’m so sorry to read this.. such difficult news for you to take, and very scary. I hope the treatment will help hold things back and that your testing will enable you to have immunotherapy.

    When I had my recurrence, I was told it was a stage 4 scenario, but I tried not to focus on the number, and rather focus on what would be done-it helped me not to concentrate on the fear we feel when faced with this. 

    The doctors don’t know how future treatments might work, so it’s always a guesstimate as regards prognosis. Please try not to let the fear overwhelm you…and I hope you can use the group for any support you need. Always here to listen, and I hope treatment will help you. Big hugs to you.

    Sarah xx

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