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I was diagnosed with stage 1a1 adenocarcinoma of cervix in Dec. I have had an LLETZ and cone biopsy.

the latest cone biopsy showed clear margins. 

i had a follow up appointment today and was told i could either opt for a hysterectomy (recommended) or continue with 6 monthly check ups. 

i am 36, single with no children. I am trying to decide which option to go for next. I think the anxiety of waiting every 6 months will be too much for me? 

  • Hi  and welcome to the group.

    That’s a very difficult situation to find yourself in, and I think it’s almost easier when you get told a certain treatment is the one you have to have, and you are not faced with a choice. 

    It’s not something anyone else can decide for you, so it might be an idea to write a list of the pros and cons of either option to perhaps set it down clearly to consider which might be best for you. It’s such a very personal decision. 

    I’d be looking personally at how I myself would deal with the anxiety of waiting and knowing this would be a long term thing, compared to never being able to have children (and asking whether children were an important or indeed critical consideration in my life). How would I feel if the cancer recurred? Why was the hysterectomy actually recommended by the consultant-what were the reasons? How would I feel and cope if I had the hysterectomy now? 

    That’s how I would approach it in a similar situation. Mine is very different in that I had recurrent cervical cancer and was post menopausal at original diagnosis so I didn’t have this kind of option in my world. 

    I think we would all have very different feelings about which way to go with this, so I don’t envy you at your age making a decision, but I hope you can make one which you are comfortable with. 

    Sarah xx

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