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So rushed to hospital in ambulance last night with excessive bleeding and clots, excruciating pain in my tummy. Tightness in chest and abdomen and.  On lots of meds and been having bleeds all over the place.  My floor looked like a crime scene.  Stood up and woosh out it came.  They want to get me healthy enough for the surgery and fix all that is going on.  Was concerned about the bleeding so took me to gynaecology unit and looked inside bleeding coming from somewhere but not all from cervix but did see it there so cortorised it but still bleeding heavy. 
this has been a rollercoaster of a ride.  3 months of so much stuff. Admitted and here till Monday at this stage.  Just can’t wait till the surgery is over and this cancer is out.  Then we can go on with the next stage.  Been so wonderful having all you lovely people to talk too.  
Megan xx

  • Oh gosh, Megan, I’m so sorry to read what’s happened-how awful for you, it sounds horrific.

    At least you are in hospital and they can hopefully get this stabilised for you so it will be safe to discharge you home. Take care and take it easy until you get out. Hope you’ve got good pain relief there and you’re being well looked after.

    Sarah xx

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