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Just had an update from my surgeon tonight. He has discussed my colposcopy with the Dr that did it yesterday and looked at the pictures. They have both said there are significant concerns with what they saw they are hoping biopsy comes back with what they need to diagnose. If not then I am booked for a loop biopsy asap and we will get the answers from that. Has put a rush on my results from yesterday’s biopsy. So Tuesday I may have answers or will have to wait till Loops biopsies results. What ever the outcome I will still have my hysterectomy whether it be private on the 2nd March if still just Severe high grade dyskaryosis CIN3 or nhs team at a later if I need to go back through that route. He was very open about everything. Feel very supported by my surgeon. Feeling very overwhelmed and the waiting is hard. This has been an ongoing situation since mid November.

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    Thanks for the update-it’s good to read you have such a proactive surgeon dealing with everything and the main point is that things are moving quickly, although it may not seem like that for you. 

    Yes, the waiting is hard for us but it sounds like things will soon be dealt with either way and you will have your surgery. Hopefully then you’ll be able to put this all behind you and move forward.

    Sarah xx

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