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I just wanna to give an update so on 27th Nov I was told by my doctor that I could have stage 3 or 4 cervical cancer that was hard to take in and it was hard for my husband and daughter too ... I went and I was staying string and positive that I could fight this ... we got through Xmas and new year then I get a phone call from my doctor to go talk to them regarding my results and plan for treatment so off we went me my husband and daughter to go see doctors Thursday just past and we were sitting there while they were talking to us and my doctor said they need a second opinion but going by the biopsies that I had the labs cannot find any cancer markers and that they need me to do one more biopsy for second opinion to see if they come back with the same results ...my docs aid if this is the case I don't have cervical cancer and it could be something else and they will be treating that 

I just wanna say thank u to everyone on here that has give me advice talked to me and made me feel so welcome thank I again xx

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    Wow! That’s an astonishing piece of news to get-you must have felt quite overwhelmed to hear it.

    I’m really surprised they told you it was cancer when they obviously weren’t sure -especially suggesting it was stage 3/4- you’ve been put through such a lot since being told that. Do you know when you’re getting the next biopsy?

    I’m sorry you’re still going to be in a bit of limbo while you wait to know more, but hope it brings good news for you. Please can you let us know how you get on? It would be lovely to hear a good outcome for you!

    Sarah xx

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