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i am reaching out here as I am worrying so could do with some advice.

i have been having irregular bleeding and will bleed for around 30 days at a time. I bleed after intercourse and sometimes it is painful too. This has been going on for a couple of years . 
I’m also having trouble with my bladder and am frequently urinating much more than usual and find it hard to hold my urine.

i went private and apparently I have a white lesion on my cervix which the dr wants to biopsy and do a colposcopy ans see if there are any other bits to biopsy .

has anyone had these symptoms and had cervical cancer? Also if you have had cervical cancer what did they say it looked like?

thank you

  • Hi  and welcome to our group.

    It’s always worrying to be told that something unusual has been spotted in an examination so I think we can all identify with that. 

    The only way to get a definitive answer is to have a biopsy done, and take it from there, so it’s a good thing to have this done as much to rule cancer out as to rule it in. There might be an explanation other than cancer, so try not to assume the worst at this point if you can. 

    It can be more anxiety inducing to try and compare your symptoms to other ladies and it won’t necessarily give you any answers about your own situation, but I did have bladder issues, and bleeding and I did have a cancer diagnosis. My cancer was described as a lesion but the word lesion doesn’t automatically mean cancer so you can’t really go by that. Mine was in fact a tumour visible to the naked eye. 

    Not everyone who comes to the group has a cancer diagnosis-some have pre cancerous abnormal cells which are straightforward to treat. So nothing is definite until you get biopsy results. Do you have an appointment for the colposcopy and biopsy yet? I hope you don’t have long to wait as it is stressful waiting to find out more.

    Please let us know how you get on as there are many of us in the group who have had a cancer diagnosis and been through successful treatment.

    Sarah xx

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  • Hello,

    Thank you so much for your reply. 

    I appreciate you sharing all of this with me.

    I’m sorry to hear you had a cervical cancer diagnosis. 

    My appointment is in a couple of weeks. How long did it take for your biopsy results to come back?

    Also did it hurt when you had the biopsy? Did you have a local anaesthetic for it? I have quite an intense job so we’re you ok to work after wards?

    THank you 


  • Hi  

    My biopsy results came back in exactly a week, but this was in pre covid times, and things can take longer nowadays. I was treated under the nhs, so I’m not sure how different it might be in the private sector for you. 

    I felt no pain getting biopsies taken, and there was no local anaesthetic used-it was over very quickly. I am retired so luckily didn’t have to go back to work afterwards. Unfortunately I had a quite a lot of bleeding, but that was because I had an actual tumour being biopsied. Not everyone has a lot of bleeding, and I have to say I wasn’t actually in any pain. This was all more than 5 years ago now, but I honestly didn’t have a difficult time getting biopsies done.

    I hope everything goes smoothly for you, and there’s a less serious reason than cancer for your issues. But please feel free to ask any questions in the group and let us know how you get on. 

    Sarah xx

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