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Hi I was wondering what treatment timescales everyone has faced/ is dealing with following diagnosis? 10 weeks after I spoke with the consultant and diagnosis was confirmed I’m still waiting for an operation date. I was given an 8-12 weeks timeframe but haven’t heard anything since my pre-op assessments. Specialist nurse doesn’t reply to emails or phone messages. I know things can be fluid but had hoped I would have heard whether it will actually be before 2024! Is there anyway I can find out? What are others experiences. I’m in wales if that makes any difference, waiting for a radical hysterectomy. 

  • Hi  

    Sorry to hear you’re still waiting for a date. I don’t know about waiting times in Wales but when did you have your pre op assessment? 

    Reason I ask is that in England, in my own experience, the maximum time a pre op is valid for before it needs doing again is 12 weeks at my hospital. I know this because for one of my surgeries, the pre op was “timed out” and I needed to have it done again. 

    It’s very disappointing that your nurse doesn’t reply to you-they should be your go to point of contact. Hopefully some of the other ladies who have recently had the surgery or are waiting might share their waiting times with you, but I appreciate it must be very frustrating and stressful to have an extra long wait. I remember feeling pretty fed up myself, especially having to do the pre op again!

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  • Hi Sarah, thanks for replying. My pre-op was 8 weeks ago so I have a little time left. December is so busy for me with my daughter’s birthday & events we’ve booked as a family for Christmas. As much as I want this done & out I really don’t want it over Christmas. That may sound silly & selfish, but I would prefer happy family events and delay the dreaded op! I’ve waited this long anyway. I guess I’ll just have to wait. All pathway time limits have passed anyway I just don’t know what effect that’s having on the cancer. Disappointed 

  • Hi Lemonade

    I was due to start my chemotherapy for cervical cancer on 19th September last year, and that had to be delayed for 4 months due to my needing a different treatment for another cancer which surfaced. And this was such a worry for me as I imagined all sorts! As it turned out, nothing of the sort had got worse, so I shouldn't have let my imagination get the better of me.

  • I know I’m probably winding myself up due to the lack of update. Thanks for reaching out, it’s reassuring x