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I've just been referred to the gynaecology consultant as an emergency appointment after visiting my doctor with prolonged and heavy discharge, lower tummy and back pain and the odd spotting.

When she examined me she found my cervix was very inflamed and 'angry' with dark patches on it. She said she could see even the fluid leaking whilst examining me.

A few months ago I started getting sharp and aching pains in my legs which on a previous visit to the GP and xray was put down to degenerative changes in my spine.  I'm not convinced it was after reading that leg pain can be a symptom of cervical cancer. 

Has anyone else experienced these symptoms? 

My appointment should arrive in the next week but I'm on pins.



  • Hi Julie  and welcome to our group.

    It’s always a worry to get an emergency referral, but best to get your symptoms investigated. It’s true they can be symptoms of cervical cancer, but there’s a way to go yet before you’ll know whether that will be your diagnosis, so best not to assume things or use dr Google who will likely match any symptoms to potential cancer. I chose not to read google at all before I was diagnosed, and kept to that after I was diagnosed as I knew it wouldn’t be helpful for my own mental state. I chose only to listen to what I was being told by my consultant, 

    The gynaecologist may want to take a biopsy to send to the lab for checking as that’s the only sure way to diagnose cancer, but try not to assume the worst in advance. If you do get a cancer diagnosis, there are lots of us in the group who have been through this and who can help support you through.

    Just try and take one thing at a time for now, and let us know how you get on at your appointment. I hope it comes through quickly as waiting is a horrible part of this process. 

    Sarah xx

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