Chemo and radiotherapy

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Hi all Slight smile

I've been diagnosed with cervical cancer in July. They thought it was just in my cervix and assured me that they can just remove that part and pretty much the only side effect would be having to have c section in the future. They then said that actually I will need radical hysterectomy but then can leave my ovaries in. I went through fertility treatment and managed to freeze 2 embryos in case we manage to find a surrogate in the future. During the procedure they found a microscopic changes in one of my lymph nodes which meant they couldn't carry on with the surgery. I'm left with a big scar, had to take strong painkillers for over a week and have ro inject myself for a month to prevent bloodclots (not exactly an issue but also not something that's making me feel better).

Now the only option is chemo and radiotherapy. It's unlikely i will lose my hair but my uterus and ovaries will stop working meaning I will go into early Menopause and will never procedure eggs or be able to carry a baby (plus all the possible side effects from both chemo and radiotherap). (I'm 31, with my partner for 8 years and was trying to get pregnant for the last 2 years).

I know deep down I have to go through this but I'm struggling to accept it (I accepted the hysterectomy but wasn't prepared for Menopause and not being able to produce more eggs if needs be in the future). I've looked into adoption but they would like me to wait 3 years from the end of the treatment before I can apply, which does make sense but again its hard to accept in my head

Does anyone have similar experience/positive stories or things that helped them?

  • Hi Anna

    I’m so sorry to hear you’re going through all of this.

    I don’t have any experience as have just started this “journey” myself.

    Last week diagnosed with 3C1 and will need chemoradiation

    Just waiting on PET-CT as the other scans showed it’s in my pelvic lymph nodes

    But I wanted to reply as we’ll be going through this at the same time as one another, so perhaps we can provide each other with some support - or just an ear!

    Sending hugs x

  • Hi  and welcome to our group.

    I’m sorry I don’t have the experience you are looking for, but I wanted to say hello anyway-I hope you don’t mind. I was post menopausal when I was first diagnosed with cancer so didn’t have these difficult decisions to deal with.

    This must all be such a crushing blow for you and very hard to come to terms with as you are so young. It’s always so sad to read of younger ladies having the chance of motherhood taken away like this. 

    There may be other ladies in the group who do have the same experience, and if so I hope they’ll come along and help support you with how they coped. Chemoradiation is the standard treatment with this stage of cancer, and I, along with others, do have experience of that which we can share with you to try and help you through. Do you know when your treatment will start? 

    I’m so sorry you are in this awful position, but hope you will find the group supportive, and a place where you can ask any questions. You can also call the Macmillan Support line(the number is in my signature) if you feel it would help to talk things through. 

    I hope you’ll continue to post and let us know how things are going, and if we can help with our experiences of chemoradiation we’ll be happy to do just that. 

    Sarah xx

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