Bleeding during external radiotherapy

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I feel this is a little too much information but was wondering if anyone else had experienced this, I have a review tomorrow and will mention to radiologist

Im almost finished week 4 of radio/chemo. I have one more week than internal.

I started my period Monday , it was due , but it hasn’t behaved like a normal period, it normally lasts 3/4 days but day 5 and I keep passing large clots, I think they are from my vagina but having googled now worried it’s bladder and I know it sounds ridiculous but I don’t know how to work out which!

They fall out when I go to the loo before I start weeing

Any thoughts? Is it normal to bleed like this? I thought they said I wouldn’t get another period and go into menopause instead

Thank you for reading

im cervical cancer stage 3c2

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  • Hi  

    Radiotherapy actually stopped my bleeding, so I didn’t  have the same experience as you’re having and I was post menopausal at the time. However, I have read of this happening to others. 

    Ultimately radiotherapy will result in the menopause, but it’s best to check with your team at your review appointment to hopefully be reassured that this  current bleeding is just part and parcel of the effects of treatment. Sorry I don’t have the experience to offer more help, but perhaps some of the other ladies who have had this will be able to add some more.

    Sarah xx

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  • Thank you, I’ll speak to them today