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Hi all (and Sarah)  :)

after many post pre radical hysterectomy (oct - dec last year ) posts from me.   I’ve had my first “proper check up”.   I was kind of expecting a scan or something - rather than an internal and proding my abdomen and A few questions ?   I was left feeling a little out of sorts ie not feeing I had a definite “ it’s ok” we got it all.

I know my post op lymph node analysis came back clear and they took good margins at the time.    (I was early detected at stage 2). 

im not sure what I expected really.  What have others experienced at  check ups -  post op ?? 

other than that I’ve been doing ok but going back to work full time - after 12 weeks - I was still exhausted !

kind regards 


  • Hi  

    It’s good to hear you had no lymphnode involvement and good margins from your op! I think I would have wanted a phased return to work though-no wonder you found it tiring being full time.

    As my treatment and surgery were different, I’ll let others who had the rad hyst pitch in on what they experienced at their check ups post op. Scans are rare in general post treatment unless you are experiencing symptoms. Clear margins means they think they did successfully get everything, so they probably wouldn’t think a scan is necessary at this point. But they do like to do internals and have a poke and prod about!

    It’s lovely to hear your update and glad everything is going well.

    Sarah xx

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