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Evening Everyone 

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I've just received my Colposcopy results, and they showed, early Invasive squamous cell cervical cancer. I have an appointment with the consultant, next week. But he called me, yesterday, to reassure me, that Its nothing to worry about. He did however mention, that the options, for treatment, would be either, Hysterectomy or another LEETZ procedure.I have done a lot of research and to be honest, as my diagnosis was High grade HPV. Either option, won't completely remove the virus. Im really struggling to  decide what to do for the best.

Any advice appreciated 

Thanks EM444 

  • Hi  

    You're right in what you’re saying that either treatment would not remove the HPV, just abnormal cells or early cancer. Normally overtreatment isn’t recommended so it’s possible to have another LLETZ done if you’ve only had one and there is enough cervix to allow this.

    Only you can make the decision however, so it’s difficult to give advice on what way to go. But if you tried another LLETZ it’s possible it might completely remove the early cancer. The hysterectomy should of course remove it totally.

    Whichever option you choose, you should still follow up with screening as it’s possible for the hpv to cause further issues in the future and abnormal cells can recur.

    Sarah xx

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