Feeling great and then all hell breaks loose!

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Went to docs 2 weeks ago for routine blood test results for cholesterol and mentioned a little lump jjust above my collarbone.  My feet have barely touched the ground since. Next day ultrasound, then CT scan and oncologist visit and new diagnosis of secondary breast cancer to my nodes and also one of my lungs.  

Back to oncology Monday to discuss, plus biopsy.   Seems I am about to board the merry go round of despair.   I’m a year post treatment and had a clear mammogram in January.
  Amazed it’s all happened so fast.  Feeling so healthy and all this going on under the surface.  Bloods all came back okay so looks like it’s an under radar stealth mode attack. 

  • Sorry to hear this and all the best with your treatment. It definitely has a sneaky way of creeping up. 

  • Thank you.    Strangely I’m probably feeling better that I’ve done since initial treatment.  I’m sure that won’t last once treatment begins.  I guess they’ll want to throw everything at it.  

  • Yes it’s a sneaky beggar, so sorry you have joined the ‘merry go round of despair’. Love this phrase btw made me smile. I’ve had clear mammograms for years and it’s back in my lungs with no breast tumours this time.

    it sounds like they found it early so treatment can begin and stop it in its tracks.  Take care, you got this Slight smile

  • Hi Ochno

    I’m sorry to hear your news especially so soon after initial treatment…let’s hope you start the treatment process and then you may be able to get your head around the situation. It’s such a rollercoaster but this site is full of helpful kind people who reply quite quickly so take care of yourself x

  • Thank you,  blood tests today and supraclavicular biopsy tomorrow to see what kInd it is, I was borderline for triple negative last time and oncologist thinks it may be that but not conclusive until biopsy.  I’m back again seeing her on the 22nd to discuss treatment plan. The calm  before the storm. I’ve been impressed how quick everything moving along,   The oncology did part of her training at the Royal Marsden so her English is perfect and she seems pretty empathetic and on the ball.

  • Supraclavicular biopsy done.  I thought wee quick process  but arrived 0830 and left 1230.  Nice sleepy drip, about 5 core biopsies done, a wee sleep then home looking like I’ve gone 10 rounds with Dracula!  Onwards and upwards x