Fracture in vertebra due to secondary TNBC

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My wife was diagnosed with secondary triple negative breast cancer in January 2024, with metastatic deposits mostly in her spine, but also in her pelvis, lungs and a small one in her brain.

She has undergone stereotactic radiation therapy to the head and started cycles of Eribulin. A recent scan revealed a fracture to one of her vertebrae.

Does anyone have any experience of treatment please as she has very limited mobility and is in constant pain.

  • Hi I have metastatic cancer in my spine and was diagnosed 4 years ago. My oncologist did a MRI and sent me to a specialist orthapedic hospital. There i saw a surgeon who said i needed to have my vertebrae filled with surgical cement. There were quite a few options available to me, others were metal bracing. I then had one big dose of radiotherapy and within 6 weeks was pain free. I think you need to talk to your oncologist and or surgeon and ask to be sent to see a specialist orthapedic doctor. I suppose its all according to where you live the one i went to was in Oswestry. Also ask to see someone who deals with pain managment for her pain. There are things out there that can help but you have to be very persistant and keep on top of it otherwise you will be overlooked. I am constantly on the phone and never give up. I wish you all the best xx

  • Hi wino,

    Thx for your reply and for your advice.

    We are seeing an orthopaedic consultant later this week, so hopefully he will have a treatment plan. My wife is also trying different medications, but none have totally relieved the pain. Perhaps after the orthopaedic intervention, the lack of her mobility will be improved and the pain reduced.

    Best wishes to you xx

  • Hi Sponge,

    I'm so sorry to hear about your wife. 

    Is she on any bone strengthening medication such as Denosumab or a bisphosphonate? If not it would be worth talking with her oncologist about these. They help to heal the bone, and slow down any cancer in the bone.



  • Hi Andy,

    Thx for your reply and advice.

    She was on a zoledronic acid infusion for a few years, but developed a bit of osteonecrosis so the oncologist has ruled similar drugs out unfortunately.

    Best wishes 

  • Hello! My Taid (grandad) was told the devastating news yesterday that he too has metastatic cancer in the spine (t7 i think) with small deposits in the arms but unknown primary (probably in the neck as he had tonsil cancer 2 years ago)

    he’s going to gobowen next week for a pelvic biopsy in the hope it will tell us the primary and to plan what treatment he will need. 
    you’re story has given me a little bit of hope that maybe they will be able to help him/prolong his life

    had your cancer spread at all? Did you have a known primary? 

  • Hello

    I fractured a vertebrae in my spine march 2023. Horrendous pain. It was a result of osteoporosis.  I now have spinal tumours.  Diagnosed secondary BC 3  weeks ago when I should have gone on holiday.  I'm in pain. I'm prescribed lidocaine patch.  I need a bone biopsy.   I'm terrified  xx good luck to your wife x